Cupid's Pulse Article: Tom Arnold Bashes Malin Akerman’s Ex-Husband Roberto ZinconeCupid's Pulse Article: Tom Arnold Bashes Malin Akerman’s Ex-Husband Roberto Zincone

By Jessica DeRubbo

It seems Tom Arnold isn’t a fan of Malin Akerman’s ex-husband Roberto Zincone, according to Arnold stars with Akerman in Yahoo’s new series Sin City Saints In an interview with Howard Stern, he gave his opinion about the celebrity exes. He said, “You know, her husband, they’re together 10 years, they have a baby, [and] four months in, he’s like, ‘I’m done.’ So she not only pays him alimony to take care of this guy, but I watched her as a mother, and I was like, ‘This is the most inspiring woman. I’m not gonna complain about anything in my life.’ Because she is incredible. She is an inspiration.”

Celebrity exes aren’t the only ones with continuing drama surrounding past relationships. What are some ways to keep the drama with your ex to a minimum?

Cupid’s Advice:

When it comes to breakups, there’s usually a good reason they happened. So, there are no doubt hard feelings and bitterness involved. Cupid has some relationship advice to keep the drama with your ex from showing its ugly face too often:

1. Recognize when you’re creating drama: You may be creating drama, and you don’t even  know it. Really take the time to evaluate your actions and words, and cut out those actions and words that spark controversy with your ex. You probably know all of the buttons to push to make your ex angry, and you want to stay as from away from those as possible.

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2. Change your perspective: Instead of focusing on your ex and your breakup, be happy about the things that are going well in your life right now. You can’t change the fact that you dated your ex and that things didn’t work out, but you can choose what you do moving forward.

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3. Be clear and straight with your ex: If you have to keep the lines of communication open, do so in a straight and clear manner. Don’t use extra words, because the more you talk, the more you’re likely to let hurt feelings get into the mix. Keep things as neutral as possible.

What are some other ways to keep drama with your ex to a minimum? Share your thoughts below.