Cupid's Pulse Article: Does Taking a Break Help or Hurt Your Relationship and Love Life?Cupid's Pulse Article: Does Taking a Break Help or Hurt Your Relationship and Love Life?

By Molly Jacob

Your relationship and love is all roses and chocolate, but then reality hits. You and your partner used to be googly-eyed during the first part of your relationship, but the happier times are now over. You decide to have the dreaded talk where you conclude that taking a break is the best for both of you.

The question is, will a break help or hurt your relationship and love life? Find out Cupid’s take.

When taking a break in a relationship helps:

1. Experiencing “me” time: You’ve spent the past months or years focusing on making your relationship better, but now’s the perfect time to work on improving yourself. By picking up new hobbies and rediscovering how you can enjoy time on your own, you’ll come back into the relationship with a better head on your shoulders.

2. Having new experiences: During this time, you may be going out on your own, meeting new people, and going on a few dates. These experiences (that you can only have if you take a break from your relationship) may help you realize that your honey is the only one for you and that you’re much happier when you’re together.

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3. Giving each other space: Sometimes the arguments that end a relationship can be petty. By taking a break, you can step back and look at the big picture, allowing you to realize that all those disagreements do not seem so important anymore.

When taking a break in a relationship hurts:

1. Becoming jealous: Although many people use a break as a time to see other people, this can lead to problems if you two get back together. One partner may become envious of the people the other partner has dated during the break, which could lead to a loss of trust in your relationship.

2. Ignoring problems: Just because you two temporarily step away from the relationship, that does not mean it will be fixed when you get back together. The issues between the two of you might still be there and could result in a permanent break.

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3. Growing apart: Spending time not together may make you realize that maybe you should be apart permanently. By not being together, you might become different people. When you take a break in a relationship, you may realize that you are happier on your own.

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