Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Derulo Confirms Split from Jordin SparksCupid's Pulse Article: Jason Derulo Confirms Split from Jordin Sparks

By Maggie Manfredi

Derulo will not be in the club making wedding plans. According to singer Jason Derulo and songstress Jordin Sparks have ended their long term relationship. Three years and a few love songs later the two celebs are upset over the split. “Wiggle” singer and American Idol winner are working and traveling and dealing with the separation privately.

How do you keep the drama in a breakup to a minimum?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Breakups are the worst! Cupid has some helpful tips for getting through a breakup with as little drama as humanly possible:

1. Stay off social media: Whether you have feelings to share or you know your partner might be getting online to vent, don’t stoop to that level. Keep the tweets, posts and pics to a minimum while you work through the split.

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2. Keep your distance: I am not saying block their number and tell all your mutual friends to shun him or her, but try not to text or call. This is the time to lean on your other loved ones for support and comfort.

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3. Do things for yourself: So you’ve cried on one of your friend’s shoulder, screamed to another, and went out with a few more. It might be a lonely time but don’t be afraid to embrace the alone time and do things just for you, by yourself; it will feel good to recharge your batteries.

Give us your favorite post breakup activities, share below!