Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton on Holiday Fashion: “If You’re Meeting the Family, Wear the Softest Cashmere Possible”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton on Holiday Fashion: “If You’re Meeting the Family, Wear the Softest Cashmere Possible”

By Sarah Batcheller

“Fabulous” hardly begins to describe Derek Warburton, a celebrity stylist, media personality, and master of all things fashion. He has dressed the likes of Beyoncé Knowles, Jessica Alba, and numerous Victoria’s Secret models. His love for New York City street style translates into the artistic chicness of his styles, and he has a keen eye for popular trends. Warburton has a slew of tips to offer to the everyday gal, including dressing for day-to-night or planning an outfit for an office party. In our exclusive interview, we chatted with the style guru about holiday fashion as well as fun looks and date ideas for the rest of the year!

Celebrity Stylist’s Best Fashion Looks and Date Ideas

For starters, Warburton suggests two hot trends to consider working into your wardrobe this winter: “This year, it’s all about the faux fur. I’m really pushing faux fur because there are so many fun things you can do with it: It can look really fun and feminine on a girl. You can do a faux jacket or a fun accessory, and it just livens up your look. I’m also talking a lot about leather in multiple colors. A burgundy, forest, or even cream-colored leather can be really fun, especially in a skirt.” The trend-lover recommends the pleated accordion skirt as an addition to any winter wardrobe, reminding fashionistas with curvy body types to choose longer skirts and those with slimmer bodies to wear shorter ones.

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The tell-it-like-it-is fashion adviser gives some notable fashion dating advice for different holiday occasions. All of you office-chic stylistas out there, have no fear! “It’s all about the button-up shirt,” he says of transitioning an outfit from day to night. “If you’re wearing a big cardigan and a button-up during the day, a lacy bra is the hottest thing to wear underneath for day-to-night. Just unbutton the shirt a little when it’s time to go out.” Warburton also suggests chandelier earrings and colorful bangles as must-have accessories to compliment your nighttime look.

Speaking of work, if you’re hoping to be caught under the mistletoe at your office holiday party, he insists you must not overdo any part of your outfit, being that you’re still in a professional environment. “Gorgeous chic is what I suggest, something very, very simple,” says Warburton. “Add something a little sexy, whether it be a pop of color or a pair of heels.”

Relationship Advice: Meeting the Family

He goes on to describe appropriate attire if you’re going home with your honey for the holidays and meeting their family for the first time. “Generally, the cleaner, the better. You want to look really tailored and sleek. If it’s family you’re meeting, you should always look like you’re put together with a little bit of personality,” he says of his best relationship advice. “Also, wear fabric that feels really good. When someone comes in for that hug and you feel warm and cozy, they’re going to have that feeling about you! Try and wear the softest cashmere possible because then everyone is going to want to touch you, which will make them feel more comfortable with you.”

As for ringing in the New Year, if you want to escape the cliche of glitter and sparkles, Warburton says, “Metallic metal is huge. Also, you can’t be afraid to shine up the room with winter whites. The creamy, clean feel is big all around the world right now!”

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Being in love with New York City street style, the celebrity stylist says that a date night look inspired by such fashion should be feminine yet balanced. “A dress and a high-heeled boot is a good look,” the celebrity stylist claims. “I always tell girls to wear a dress, but you’ve  got to pick showing off some cleavage and wearing a longer skirt or a shorter skirt with a higher neck.”

If we weren’t already excited for holiday fashion, we sure are now! More of the style sage’s favorite looks can be found on his new website called, where top model’s Instagram posts will be shared and discussed. Furthermore, Warburton will be touring Texas, New Mexico, and Vegas, discussing the hottest trends for the holidays.

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