Cupid's Pulse Article: Source Says Kendra Wilkinson Is Going ‘Back and Forth’ About Divorce DecisionCupid's Pulse Article: Source Says Kendra Wilkinson Is Going ‘Back and Forth’ About Divorce Decision

By Amanda Boyer

Mother of two and 29 year old reality star, Kendra Wilkinson has been battling within her marriage for quite some time now. According to, she has been going back and forth on whether to divorce Baskett after he cheated on her with a transsexual model when she was pregnant. Although the topic has been avoided on her show, on Oct. 24 she will begin to discuss with the public.

How do you decide whether to call it quits on a relationship or to keep working on it?

Cupid’s Advice:

Thinking you need to end your relationship with your partner? Read ahead on some things to try before you do:

1. Change: You can change the situation, but not the person. If something is going wrong and you cannot live with a certain trait or flaw, be honest and talk about it.

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2. External factors: Is something else affecting the relationship? Sometimes things are all about timing. Make sure you don’t make any rash decisions, and instead make sure the issues you’re having are a permanent fixture in your relationship.

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3. Happiness: Ultimately you want to be happy with your partner. If one of you is not, the relationship can’t survive. If you care about one another, this is for the best.

Have any other ways to see if it time to be single again? Write it down below!