Cupid's Pulse Article: Kendra Wilkinson Gives Husband Hank Baskett Second Chance After InfidelityCupid's Pulse Article: Kendra Wilkinson Gives Husband Hank Baskett Second Chance After Infidelity

By Katie Gray

Reality television star, Kendra Wilkinson, has opened up about the status of her marriage after discovering her husband, Hank Baskett had been unfaithful. The Kendra On Top star explained that she is not ready to call it quits, though she hasn’t fully forgiven him yet, according to In an interview on Access Hollywood Live, she said, “Life is too short. And this man who I loved for six years, I believe deserves – and everyone around us – everyone knows that this man deserves a second chance if he did make a mistake. And right now I’m working that out.”

How do you know whether to give your partner a second chance?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Once trust is broken, it can be difficult to rebuild a relationship. Sometimes it’s not even worth the effort, while other times it may be. Cupid has some tips about whether to give your partner a second chance:

1. Check track record: Take a look at how your partner has behaved in the past. Was this a one time occurrence, or has it happened on numerous occasions? Is this familiar behavior or very out of their character? We’re all human and make mistakes. If this was a one time slip up and you have a lot of history together, you may want to give your partner another chance if that’s what you want. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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2. Learned lesson: If your partner is truly sorry for what they did and is owning up to it, you might want to give them a second chance. Sometimes urges get the best of us and things happen in life, even though they shouldn’t. Although your partner should have known better, if they are taking responsibility for their actions and being genuine, it may be acceptable to offer a second chance.

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3. Good heart: When your partner overall has a good heart and positive qualities, that very well may warrant a second chance. You should dig deep inside yourself and your partner, to identify if that is still the case. See what feelings are still lingering, choose where you want to go from there and decide if the pros outweigh the cons. If you would be able to be ultimately happy with your partner still, then it could be worth it. All that matters is your happiness!

What are some signs that you should forgive your partner? Share your thoughts below.