Cupid's Pulse Article: Does Your Dating Radar Need Some Tuning?Cupid's Pulse Article: Does Your Dating Radar Need Some Tuning?

By Maggie Manfredi

Swimming through the 21st century dating pool can be a complicated endeavor. Not only are you searching for a soul-mate but you have to doggy paddle your way through cringe-worthy dating apps, dating websites with a price tag or crowded bars with minimal lighting. It’s no easy feat and according to, “It’s been found that 81 percent of people lie on their online dating profiles, most often about their age, height, weight, and earning power—and that doesn’t include photo shopping.” So before you go out there with all the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, you need to make sure your dating radar is as active as your tinder inbox.

1. Be honest with yourself and with others: You can’t prevent people from telling you falsities to make themselves look better but you do have control over your own actions. Everyone has experienced that moment where your finger hovers over the send button as you over analyze every single word in the conversation. Make it easier on yourself and simply make sure your words are truthful.

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2. Don’t get stuck in the cyber limbo: So you’ve started chatting with a cutie on OkCupid. You’re chatting, and chatting some more…Warning: you are getting caught in the cyber limbo. If you don’t feel a spark don’t drag along a boring conversation. If you get butterflies every time you get a notification, do not be afraid to make the first move. (Dating app tip, make sure the first in person encounter is at a public place that you are comfortable at or have been to before.)

 3. Be prepared for rejection: If you are lucky you will get some dates with some interesting people. Not every date is going to be a love connection, that’s a fact. Sometimes you may be thinking there is something there but the other person is just not that into you, remember that this is okay. For a monogamous relationship to work there has to be mutual adoration and respect. When you go for drinks or grab a coffee don’t set your expectations too high. Dating is supposed to be fun and if someone says thanks but no thanks, think of it positively, as one step closer to love.

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4. Keep it simple: With all the different dating resources you might find yourself getting caught up in the many ways to meet people. Dating app tip number two, limit yourself to one or two apps/websites so that you do not drown in eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. Though these apps are the greatest because you can find a date while sipping wine in your pajamas, remember that there are plenty of singles out there right now just waiting to meet you in person. So get out there!

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