Cupid's Pulse Article: You and Your Significant Other Can’t Have Kids: Should You Adopt?Cupid's Pulse Article: You and Your Significant Other Can’t Have Kids: Should You Adopt?

By Courtney Omernick

Making the decision to have children is definitely one that takes some thought. But, if you can’t have children the natural way, the adoption process is a whole different thing to think about. Should you or shouldn’t you adopt? Hopefully, Cupid’s advice below will help make the decision process easier:

1. Get in touch with your emotions: It’s very important that you and your partner make sure that you want to adopt a child for all the right reasons before getting involved in the process. Are you doing this out of guilt? Are family members or friends pressuring you into the situation? Make sure you’re doing this because you truly want to.

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2. Assess your current situation: Secondly, you and your partner are going to want to make sure that even though you may want a child, this is the best possible time to do so. Are you finically ready? Are you ok with the fact that this child may need time to adjust, extra love are care, etc? Get ready to ask yourself a lot of thought provoking questions.

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3. Determine your support: Do you and your significant other have family members or friends that are willing to help you take care of the child when need be? Or, can you fall back on certain family members financially if the situation arises? Also, it might be important to consider your employer’s benefits. Sometimes companies will provide financial assistance in adoption situations.

Should you adopt? What are some reasons pro or con? Share in the comments section below!