Cupid's Pulse Article: Family Chaos Commences in ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’Cupid's Pulse Article: Family Chaos Commences in ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’

By Courtney Omernick

Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) and their three children travel to the Scottish Highlands for Doug’s father Gordie’s (Billy Connolly) birthday party. It’s soon clear that Doug and Abi’s three children are causing the chaos in their relationship.

Should you see it:

If you like a good, family comedy and relationship dynamics, then hurry to the theater! This film also features great actors such as Rosamund Booth, David Tennant, Ben Miller, Billy Connolly, Amelia Bullmore, and more.

Who to take:

This family comedy would be great to see with your friends, family members, or anyone who loves to laugh and family relationships.

How can you and your partner keep the romance alive after having children?

Cupid’s Advice:

The old saying goes, “if you think your life is hectic now, wait until you have kids!” However, many of us don’t realize how true that statement is until after the first child is born. Now that you’re putting your child first, it can be hard to even fathom when you’ll have time to plan a date night. So, how can you keep the romance alive after having children? Cupid has some advice below.

1. Don’t lose touch: It’s surprising how important physical contact is for a person. Dr. Paul Zak states that hugging or kissing at least eight times a day helps with the production of oxytocin in the brain and body. This has great effects on the growth of trust, connection, and empathy.

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2. Make any night special: Date night doesn’t have to be the only “special” night in your relationship. Make any night count! After the kids are asleep, cuddle up on the couch, watch a movie, or make some time to talk about your day.

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3. Flirt throughout the day: Whether it’s via email, instant message, or text message, keep the spark going by taking a quick moment to send a sweet message to your partner. Take a few quick moments during your day and before you know it, you’ve sent a few love notes.

How have you and your partner kept the romance alive after having children? Share your stories in the comments!