Cupid's Pulse Article: Princess Kate Weighs Malta Trip Amidst Pregnancy SicknessCupid's Pulse Article: Princess Kate Weighs Malta Trip Amidst Pregnancy Sickness

By Amanda Boyer

As Princess Kate struggles with pregnancy sickness caused by Hyperemesis Gravidarum, in a few days her doctors will have to decide if she can get take a trip to Malta for two days on behalf of the Queen. Through her condition and tough pregnancy, Kate has been unable to be in a car, let alone be able to rest after getting up and doing things. According to People, she is eager to go to Malta, and they are waiting as long as possible to make a final decision before the scheduled flight on Saturday.

How do you support your partner through a tough pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Pregnancy isn’t always enjoyable, and the mom-to-be doesn’t always glow. Cupid has some ways to support your partner through the trials of a pregnancy:

1. Be understanding: You don’t know what they are going through, so just be there to listen and support your partner through the process no matter how difficult.

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2. Help out: Sometimes it is going to be hard for your partner to get through their daily tasks, so lending a hand will go a long way! Take out the trash, cook some meals, and do some cleaning.

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3. Make her feel beautiful: If she is feeling drained or out of it let her know she is still the same person you fell for.

What did your loved one do to help you during your pregnancy? Comment below.