Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘7th Heaven’ Alum Beverly Mitchell Is Expecting Second ChildCupid's Pulse Article: ‘7th Heaven’ Alum Beverly Mitchell Is Expecting Second Child

By Ann Luther

Beverly Mitchell posted a photo of her family of three on Thursday, September 4 with the caption, “Can’t believe in 2015 we will be a family of 4!!!” reported that the actress wanted even more children. “Two or three… No more than three,” she reasoned. “When you’re getting into four, it’s a handful. We’re not having a 7th Heaven situation!” Congratulations to Mitchell, her husband, Michael Cameron, and their one-year-old daughter, Kenzie Lynne!

What are some ways to prepare differently for a second child than your first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your first baby is a nine-month whirlwind of hysteria over what to do, how to do it, what to buy, where to put it, and oh my God can I do this?! But becoming pregnant with your second child is totally different because you’ve done this before. There are still ways to prepare though, and we’ve compiled a list of the best.

1. Get your first baby ready: The key difference in this pregnancy is that you’ve got another little thing hanging around wondering what in the world is going on. They are about to become a big brother or sister. That’s a big deal to them! Explain what is about to happen and their role in all of it. It will put your tot at ease, which will put you at ease.

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2. Embrace the prenatal lifestyle: There are so many things you only get to do when you’re expecting. You can eat whatever you want; so, indulge without guilt! You’re eating that chocolate for the health of your child. There are also tons of cool exercise classes to keep mommy and baby healthy like prenatal yoga. Also, you can’t see your feet. Go splurge on a pedicure whenever you want because your feet are being put to work. You deserve it all, so take it!

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3. Host a thank you shower: You probably already have all the baby paraphernalia you’ll need and then some, but you can still have a party! This time around, instead of having a baby shower, invite all of your friends and family who supported you with your first little one and give them gifts. If they insist on giving you something, suggest they donate to a charity for struggling mothers. You’ve already got all you need between the things they gave you last time and all their love.

What different ways did you prepare for your second child? Share in the comments below!