Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: ‘7th Heaven’ Star Beverley Mitchell Welcomes Daughter Kenzie LynneCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby: ‘7th Heaven’ Star Beverley Mitchell Welcomes Daughter Kenzie Lynne

By Meghan Fitzgerald

March 28th, former 7th Heaven star Beverely Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron welcomed their first child, Kenzie Lynne! The actress’s rep confirmed to that their beautiful daughter weighed in at 5 lbs and 15 oz. Stretching out at 18 and a half inches in Santa Monica, California. The actress tweeted “I never knew a love like this existed,” “Michael and I are mesmerized by our little Kenzie! She’s perfect.” The couple are planning their adventures already with their newbie!

How do you compromise with your partner on baby names?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby is exciting! You have a brand new addition to your family, and you and your mate are more than thrilled to name it. Naming your child holds a lot more pressure than most people would expect. This is the name your newbie will be called for the rest of their lives, and you have to decide it. Problems will most likely arise with you and your partner on picking your baby name. Cupid has some advice on helping you two:

1. Theme: To make matters less complicated with you and your partner, it is best to think of a theme for your baby’s name. Maybe you want something more traditional and your mate wants a name relatively modern. When you both have come up with a theme of names, it is easier to find common ground. Take the in between of traditional and modern names, and there you go!

2. Middle name: If you and your beau are having complications with your child’s name, a compromise can result to a middle name. If you and your partner can not decide on a first name, take both of those names and morph it into one name. Making it the middle name. If this approach is too modern for you, use one of the names for their first name, and one for the middle. A simple game of rock, paper, scissors would suffice of how gets the first name.

3. Unisex: Compromising with baby names is challenging, a non stressful way is to choose a unisex name. You may want a girly and dainty name for a girl, and your partner could want something stronger. Well ladies and gentleman of parenthood, pick a unisex name! There are a myriad of different choices out there, go fish!

Did you compromise with your partner on baby names? Explain your experience below!