Cupid's Pulse Article: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Pack on PDA at Made in America FestivalCupid's Pulse Article: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Pack on PDA at Made in America Festival

By Amanda Boyer

Although rumors that power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been secretly planning to split continue to circulate, they have been putting on quite a show to the public. During the The Budweiser Made in America Music Festival last weekend in Los Angeles, the couple was spotted on day 2 in the VIP section enjoying beers and PDA. According to, throughout the night the couple and their daughter, Blue Ivy, were seen dancing and having a fun time together while enjoying John Mayer, Steve Aoki, and other artists’ performances at the festival. Although the weekend seemed seamless and at the MTV VMAs onstage for the couple, sources still say Beyoncé is planning for the breakup as she seeks advice from other friends like Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The sources also added the couple will split in the fall and will continue to be “all lovey-dovey the day after the announcement.”

How do you keep negative rumors from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

People will always talk if they think they know your business, but to keep your relationship yours without the rumors, read ahead for some tips:

1. Keep to yourself: You know you want to run to your friends and tell them about the fight you had, but keep it to yourself and your partner. The less your friends know, the less you’ll hear from others on what to do.

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2. Talk it out with your partner: Make sure you and your mate are on the same page when discussing this with anyone, including each other.

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3. Find ways to have fun: Distract yourself and go get a massage or a manicure. Try to stay happy and free from the drama!

How do you get past the negativity in your relationship? Share your advice below!