Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Handle Being More Successful than Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: How to Handle Being More Successful than Your Partner

By Louisa Gonzales

Most of us are constantly striving to be the best we can be, especially when it comes to succeeding in our careers. If you are currently finding more success at your job than your partner, it can be hard for them to deal with emotionally, even though they are probably happy for you at heart. No matter what your mate says, you “bringing home the bacon” can create tension in the relationship, especially if they hold traditional ideals and expect to to be the main provider. It’s important to know how to deal with this source of tension so that you can both adjust your ways of thinking. Cupid has some advice:

1. Consider your partner’s concerns: It’s important to be able to hear and listen to your mate’s feeling and thoughts on the situation. Whatever concerns they may have about you being the main provider in the relationship, it’s good to be able to let them know it’s okay to voice their opinions. When you do discuss these feelings, make sure it’s in a low-key and comfortable setting. Avoid being defensive or mad when you’re talking about work and success, and remember it’s not a battle about which one of you is better.

2. Ask your significant other how they hope to become more successful: To show you care about your partner’s feelings, it’s good to ask them how they hope to improve or better themselves in their career. Listen to their response and offer your help in any form or way you can, whether it’s giving advice, suggesting some tips, or providing feedback. Keep in mind that it’s important to show you are their supporter and not their competition.

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3. Realize it’s not a contest: It’s okay to want to advance your career for yourself and for your partner, but you have to realize that it shouldn’t be dependent on how successful your partner is or isn’t. You are both your own people, and as much as you can rely and depend on one another, you can also remain independent. When it comes your careers, you should both be focusing your energies on bettering it for yourselves and not wasting any time on resenting your honey’s achievements. Instead, be proud of them and of yourself as you both try to get ahead at your jobs.

4. Seek advice or feedback from others: Every relationship has its up and downs, and many couples experience and go through the same things. That includes situations like one person in a relationship doing better career-wise than the other. It’s good to not rule out any form of help, and there’s nothing wrong with getting advice from people you trust. Hearing outside perspectives can help you, your other half and your relationship. Taking into consideration an outside party’s opinion might help shed some new light on your current predicament.

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5. Encourage them to do better: Help your main squeeze get to the place they want to be at their job by encouraging them. Be their biggest cheerleader. Doing this will help your partner realize how much you care about their future and wish them the very best. Plus, it will help them to extend the same courtesy to you. Your feelings for each other can only grow stronger by constantly showing you believe in each other and are willing and ready to support them in whatever they do.

What are some other ways to handle being more successful than your partner? Comment below.