Cupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Marries Donnie WahlbergCupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Marries Donnie Wahlberg

By Kaley Allard

Donnie has been taken off the block! According to, Jenny McCarthy wed NKOTB alum, Donnie Wahlberg in a small ceremony in Illinois that only lasted 20 minutes! The two have been together since July 2013, and their engagement only lasted four months. In an interview, McCarthy had this to say about the ceremony: “Really, I’m so bad [at planning]. The problem is, I consider myself to be kind of like a dude … Like, I just kind of want to show up and drink.” While she may have just wanted to party, let’s hope that she put her own touches on her very special day! 

How do you decide what size of a wedding is best for you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Deciding what size of a wedding to have requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning. For most of us in the public sphere, we are limited in how big we can go; needing to fine tune each detail before the big day arrives. Cupid has three things to consider when deciding the size of your wedding:

1. Your personality: Are you and your partner down for a big party every weekend, or are you more homebodies who enjoy a movie on the couch? The personality types of you and your can help you judge whether or not you want a large bash with or a small intimate gathering.

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2. Family sizes: Do you and or your partner come from large families, or one with a small extended family? If you come from a large family it is difficult in deciding who not to invite, especially if it is a tight knit family. If this is the case you may end up deciding whether to have a large guest list or some angry distant relatives.

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3. Availability of resources: Unlike A-list and even B-list celebrities, those of us in the public sphere have a limit to the amount of money we can spend on a wedding. It is extremely important to set a budget and decide how much you can actually spend, this will help determine how big your event can be as well as how many guest mouths that you will be able to feed.

What are some things you and your partner discussed when deciding the size of your wedding? Please share below!