Cupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Say Wedding Won’t Be Like Kimye’sCupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Say Wedding Won’t Be Like Kimye’s

By Sanetra Richards

No Kimye copycats this way! According to, Donnie Wahlberg and wife-to-be Jenny McCarthy have their own wedding ideas in mind and are sticking to them. The 44-year-old New Kids on the Block singer laughed about how their ceremony will be the opposite of the Wests’ luxurious nuptials: “We’ll have a small wedding in a really beautiful place and we both want do it right this time,” Wahlberg said to Extra at the NYC hotspot The Attic. “We’ve both been married before and we want to make it special — this is the last wedding.” Wahlberg continued, “We’re not getting married in Istanbul with eight million guests.” McCarthy also added: “I won’t have three dresses.” “No seven dresses, not going to happen…that’s their thing, good for them,” said the Blue Bloods actor. McCarthy announced their engagement during an episode of the ABC daytime talk show The View back in April. Although no official dates or plans have been thought of yet, the two have poked fun at where the reception could take place. The 41-year-old show co-host recently received an open invitation to have the celebration at one of the Applebee’s locations after she joked to the Boston Herald about having the ceremony at the restaurant.  “I thought it was very cute that Applebee’s tweeted us, so we went in on it, we actually said maybe we should have them do the appetizers,” she told Extra. “Or the wedding rehearsal dinner, it was really sweet of them,” Walhberg said.

How do you personalize your wedding festivities?

Cupid’s Advice:

A wedding is the perfect event to add your own personal ideas and touches to. After all, the entire ceremony is devoted to you and your partner. During all of the chaos that may be happening, it is possible to lose that vision you once had it mind. You may even find yourself adding the not so favorable ideas of others. So, how do you go about making it your own? Cupid has some tips to keep in mind while planning:

1. Venue: Try not to settle for a location that does not make your eyes light up every time you see it. This is your opportunity to decorate in any style you desire and let your creativity flourish throughout the decor. Your venue will reflect the wedding style you are aiming for.

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2. Music: The songs played represent the love you and your partner share. Each song is personal and means something to the both of you. Maybe choose your favorite artist(s) to play or favorite live band to perform.

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3. Reception: Give your guests a look inside your love by leaving note cards on their tables of how you both met, memories created over time, or funny jokes shared between the two of you. This will keep the guests entertained from beginning to end.

What are some other ways to personalize your wedding? Share your thoughts below.