Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Richie Opens Up About Marriage with Joel MaddenCupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Richie Opens Up About Marriage with Joel Madden

By Laura Seaman

Nicole Richie recently opened up on Oprah’s Where Are They Now? show and told viewers what it was like being married to rock star Joel Madden. The pair has been married since 2010 and have two children together, Harlow and Sparrow. “We met and we were partners from day one,” says Richie, quoted on When asked about motherhood, Richie commented, “I do know I do the best that I can. I’m probably constantly—every day—talking to other moms figuring out the best way to have a strong relationship with our kids.”

What are three things that make for a steady marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you get married, you want it to last forever. After all, that’s what “till death do us part” means. However, not all marriages last forever. To avoid letting your marriage fizzle out and break apart, do the best you can to keep the relationship steady and passionate. If those words stump you, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

1. Have the same goals as a couple. This should really be figured out before you get married, but make sure you want the same things for the future, like kids or a house in a certain area. Once you have these goals set up, work on them as a team and support each others’ personal goal as well. Success is best shared together, and when you reach your goals, whether that means being a great parent or buying the house of your dreams, your spouse should be the person you want to share that feeling with.

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2. Be open and honest about everything. People make mistakes, and you should be honest about all of yours. This could be something in your past or something you’ve done recently. Your spouse will probably find out eventually, and it will be a lot worse if they don’t find out from you. This could be anything, from financial problems to past relationship troubles. If it affects you, it affects them now, too.

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3. Try new things if the old ways aren’t working. Sometimes relationships wear down because they’ve been in a rut for far too long. Maybe the way you’ve always done things isn’t cutting it anymore. Try new ways of handling things, whether it’s a new routine or taking it a step further and moving somewhere else entirely. No matter how big or how small, changes are important in any relationship.

How have you maintained a steady marriage? Let us know in the comments!