Cupid's Pulse Article: Matchmaker Nicole Richie: “I Set Up Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden”Cupid's Pulse Article: Matchmaker Nicole Richie: “I Set Up Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden”

By Laura Seaman

Nicole Richie recently admitted to setting up brother-in-law Benji Madden with Cameron Diaz. “I approve of anything that’s going to make Benji  happy,” Richie said  after being asked if she approved of Diaz during her interview on Watch What Happens Live. “I’m happy for anyone who is happy, and I want everyone to be surrounded by love.” According to, a viewer later asked if the star played matchmaker and had been the one to introduce the new couple, to which she answered, “Yes. I’m going to take full responsibility for everything!”

What are some ways to help your friend find a mate?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are plenty of reasons to set up your single friend. You could go out on double dates! It also might make them happier, get them out of the house more, or maybe just stop them from moping about being single. No matter the reason, Cupid is here to help you help your friend by finding them a mate:

1. Help them set up an online profile. It might take some convincing, but if you can get them to agree to it, setting up a profile on a dating website is a great way to get your friend to meet potential partners. After all, that’s what the sites are for. And who better to help them list all their little quirks and charms than their friend?

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2. Set them up with another friend. If you trust someone enough to be their friend, you can probably trust them enough to treat your other friend well. You already know how amazing these two people are, so setting them up together might seem like a no-brainer. Just be careful, because there’s always the chance that it won’t end well and the two friends ask you to pick sides.

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3. Be an amazing wingman (or wingwoman). If your friend is shy, they might need an extra push to go socialize on a night out. You can scope out the place for someone who is attractive and seems like their type, then cook up a plan to get them talking. Make sure your friend is okay with this! Otherwise you might have a pretty awkward encounter on your hands.

Have you ever set up a friend? How did it work out? Let us know in the comments!