Cupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV Star Christina Milian Talks About Her New Partnership and Being a Celebrity MomCupid's Pulse Article: Reality TV Star Christina Milian Talks About Her New Partnership and Being a Celebrity Mom

By Brittany Stubbs

Christina Milian is more than just an actress, television host, singer-songwriter, and pretty face. She is a driven woman, balancing her celebrity family and her relationship and love life along with new projects and career opportunities, like breaking into the electronic hookah and electronic cigarette business.

Milian recently partnered with Platinum E Hookah. “I saw the craze beginning for hookahs and e-cigs,” she shares in our celebrity interview. “I always enjoyed hookah lounges, and I thought, ‘Why not create our own product that is nicotine free?’” Along with coming up with something that is safer than traditional cigarettes, Platinum E Hookah took it one step further and added some delicious flavors to curb your sweet tooth — from strawberry lemonade to blueberry cotton candy to banana cream.

“We also just added our nicotine free e-juice, which has sold out so many times already,” she adds. “We have it in so many great flavors, like cake batter and peanut butter and jelly. It keeps it interesting, fun, and tasty.”

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Although there has been some negative buzz about electronic hookah and electronic cigarettes encouraging smoking habits to younger crowds with their tasty flavors and celebrity users, Milian makes it clear that Platinum E Hookah strictly enforces that buyers must be 18 and over to purchase the products. She also points out that from what they’ve seen thus far, the flavored vapor business has helped people stop or slow down on smoking actual tobacco and real hookah that contain all the harsh carcinogens that are proven to cause cancer. “The option to smoke vapors is a safer option and does not carry the addiction that products that contain tobacco and nicotine do,” the reality TV star explains.

Christina Milian on Being a Celebrity Mom

While the starlet’s career is important to her, her number one focus is her sweet daughter, Violet Madison. “Violet makes me a better person and makes me want to accomplish more in my life,” the celebrity mom gushes. “Every decision I make is because of and for Violet.”

As a single mother, Milian has learned to work hard each day to make a better life for her and her daughter. She encourages other single moms looking for a love to “always stay true to who you are and what you want in your life, and the right person will always come along. It’s not about looking for the right one; it’s about making your life great for you and the right one fitting right in.”

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Reality TV Star Opens Up About Relationship and Love Life

The singer took this advice when it came to her own relationship and love life. After separating from Violet’s father, R&B singer/songwriter The-Dream, she refused to give up on finding someone special. As she explains, “If I learned anything, it’s to be strong, believe in yourself, and keep going. A failed relationship hurts, but I believe when things fall apart, they do so better things can come together.”

Luckily for her, she found something better in someone who had been in her life all along. She describes her now-fiance Jas Prince as her best friend. “We have so much in common. At a certain point, it just clicked for us,” she says. The couple got engaged last May. With everything that the two of them have going on, they’ve yet to set a date for their celebrity wedding, but she assures us she is looking forward to getting started on their plans for the big day.

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Speaking of things to look forward to, we can’t wait to learn more about Milian and her celebrity family in her upcoming reality TV show on E!. “I am excited to be working on a docu-series! Fans can expect to see our family, our businesses, and our day-to-day lives.”

For more information about Milian, check out her website, Follow her on Twitter @ChristinaMilian.