Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Documenting Your Love StoryCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Documenting Your Love Story

By Maria Darbenzio

It’s always nice to sit down and talk about how much your love has blossomed since you first met. Since spring is in full bloom, this is the perfect time to take a look back at your relationship. You and your partner can even create a special book to write down and document the moments you’ve most enjoyed with each other. We’ve pulled together these five articles from our partners to give ideas on which memories to highlight:

1. Saying hello: Every couple has a unique story about how they first laid eyes on each other. Don’t let that story fade from memory! Write it down as your own little love story so you can tell it with ease to your children and grandchildren someday. (

2. Getting married:  It’s time to mark down the day you took your relationship to the next stage: happily ever after. Continue your love story by adding pictures and special memories from the magical day you tied the knot. Attach little trinkets to the pages such as dried flowers or confetti to add an even more personal touch. (

3. Picking out your first pet: There comes a time in almost every relationship where you become the parents of a cute little animal. Whether it’s is a puppy or a kitten, your first pet together is just as special as a child. Pets, much like children, need lots of love and affection, so this can be a good opportunity to see how your partner will be as a possible parent. They’ll also be there to snuggle on days when your sweetie needs to work late. (

4. Having children: Having children together is a big step in a relationship whether you chose to go through pregnancy or adopt. These little bundles of joy will be your beckon of hope in the darkest of storms, so they deserve a special place in the documenting of your love story. Read how this family became advocates for adoption and how parenting has changed their relationship for the better. (

5. Learning lessons: Each relationship has their fair share of lessons that have been learned over the years. Writing these down can also give you something to look back on if your children ever look to you for relationship advice as they get older. Take some time to read through some of these love lessons and jot down a few of your own. (

What special moments would you want to share in your personal love story? Share in the comments below!