Cupid's Pulse Article: Robin Roberts Publicly Thanks Longtime Girlfriend After Cancer BattleCupid's Pulse Article: Robin Roberts Publicly Thanks Longtime Girlfriend After Cancer Battle

By April Littleton

People revealed that Robin Roberts publicly thanked loved ones, along with partner Amber Laign, for sticking by her side through her battle with cancer. “I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together,” Roberts wrote on her Facebook.  The couple have been together for 10 years ever since meeting through mutual friends.

How do you support your partner through a serious illness?

 Cupid’s Advice:

A partner’s illness can put a strain on the relationship, especially if you’ve never had to go through something like this before. But there are plenty of ways to help your love through a rough moment in their live without losing them romantically in the process. Cupid has some tips:

1. Communicate: When it comes to a serious illness, both of you need to help each other come to terms with what’s going on. Your partner will have good days and some bad ones as well. All you really need to do is just be there for them – through it all. Maintain an open line of communication. When you’re feeling down, let your significant other know and vice versa. You’ll only have each other during this difficult time and the illness will surely test the strength of your relationship.

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2. Space: Sometimes, you and your honey will want some time alone and that’s OK. Plan one day out of the week where you and your partner ( as long as they’re feeling up to it) can go out and do things on your own. Even if it’s just a short visit to the nail salon or to see a matinee movie, the space will do you both some good.

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3. Distractions: Don’t avoid the illness altogether, but it is a good idea to work on some other activities that kind of distract from the bad situation. Spend some time with mutual friends or maybe go for a few walks every once in a while. Whatever makes your partner happy will also make them feel better physically.

What are some other ways to support your partner through a serious illness? Comment below.