Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Bond with Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Bond with Your Partner

By Jessica Nappi

It’s Monday morning and your alarm clock goes off just as it does every week. You still have to shower, pick out an appropriate outfit and, with luck, even squeeze in some breakfast.  But before you find the strength to start your day, you feel a slight tug on your arm. A longing pull from your beau followed by a whisper so soft you can barely make it out makes you want to stay in bed for the rest of your life. “Stay with me,” your partner says. Of course, even the most romantic words often can’t overshadow the piles of work you have waiting for you on your desk. If you’re tired of your daily routine and stressed about missing out, consider these five ways to put your life on hold and keep your partner in bed:

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1. Convince your partner it’s ‘World Stay in Bed Day’: ‘World Stay in Bed Day’ is an actual holiday that falls on September 25th, but most people don’t know that. This sounds like a legitimate enough of an excuse to stay in bed, and even if you don’t have the exact day, it can be a little secret for you and your partner. Everyone deserves to stay in bed in for an entire day once in a while, and a day named after this guilty pleasure is the perfect way to justify it.

2. Date idea: Time spent together in bed can be far more romantic than any date night out, and much cheaper to boot. Lure your partner to stay and cuddle by making them breakfast in bed, but don’t just stop there. Treat yourself and your partner by eating all three meals in bed, and even throw dessert in there to assure that neither of you want to set foot out of bed. Plus, when you’re in your bedroom, you don’t have to worry about too much PDA.

3. Movie marathon: Everyone needs an occasional movie marathon day. You can get your work done later. Consider buying or renting both movies that you and your partner enjoy and some new ones the neither of you have seen. That way, you can recite lines and bond over the movies that you love, but also keep your interests peaked by watching movies you’ve never seen.

4. Plan ahead: The more you plan, the better off you will be. Call in sick the night before, or use that precious vacation time. Either way, an excused day off will clear your mind of everyday stresses, whereas an unplanned absence leaves room for feeling tense. You and your significant other need to take the day off together, and pack on the overload of affection and cuddling in bed.

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5. Massages: As relaxing as a day in bed is, a massage can make it even more soothing. Take turns giving each other massages and focus on the areas that bother you most. After a massage, you’ll be incredibly calm, and neither of you will want to leave your bed. To top it off, massaging is a guaranteed way to raise oxytocin levels in the bloodstream, which is a bonding hormone that will make you feel closer as a couple.

How would you keep your partner in bed? Tell us below.