Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Signs He’s Not Ready to CommitCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Signs He’s Not Ready to Commit

By Susan Trombetti, Matchmaker and Relationship Expert

It’s the New Year and the emails are flying,  with women trying to decide if he’s a keeper for 2013, or if they should cut their losses and kick him to the curb and start fresh this year. Many single women were hoping and praying for that all important sparkle on their left finger. What to do if you didn’t get it? Heaven forbid, should you wait until Valentine’s Day. How long to hang on desperately waiting ? I  think you know the answer yourself. You don’t need to reduce yourself to that point of an awkward conversation and beg, “Will you please finally marry me ALREADY ?” Check out these five signs he isn’t ready to commit, which tell you all you need to know about the status of your relationship:

1. There are long periods of unaccounted for time, physically and emotionally: If it’s been a few days since you’ve heard from him or spent time with him, then throw up the red flags. In a healthy and committed relationship your man won’t go off the radar from you, whether it’s not answering calls, not making plans or not spending time together in the bedroom.

2. He’s breaking promises(big or small): From a call he didn’t make to your nephew’s soccer game that he missed, any sort of  promised action he breaks is a sign he’s not as committed as you thought.

3. He lives by himself and you can’t drop by when you want: You should be able to stop by his house at random, when he’s home. Don’t accept excuses.

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4. He still puts his mom first in every case: If you’re his girlfriend, his mother shouldn’t win every argument that you have. You should be the Number 1 woman in his life, not his mother.

5. His dad is a marriage-a-holic (married more than twice): If his Dad, or another strong male influence in his life, has been married more than two times, this could affect your chances of getting married. Many times these son’s are often hesitant to get married for the first time because

Get your confidence back this year. Don’t spend another minute with the wrong guy if he displays any of these behaviors because he isn’t ready to commit.   Good luck in 2013. The signs are right in front of you. No need to feel so powerless.

Susan Trombetti is an  expert matchmaker and member of the Professional Matchmakers Association. She has helped many discerning singles discover long-term relationships and partnerships that are both rewarding and fulfilling through her business, Exclusive Matchmaking. She was also recently featured in a Cosmopolitan Article, about the 5 Text Messages Not to Answer.