Cupid's Pulse Article: Pros & Cons: Bonding With Your Man’s FriendsCupid's Pulse Article: Pros & Cons: Bonding With Your Man’s Friends

By Whitney Baker

When you embark on a new relationship, you end up with more than just a great guy in your life. Soon enough, you will meet his friends, his family and his co-workers, and your social circle is immediately changed — for better or for worse. Some of these new friendships may come easy for you, while others may be a struggle. Either way, try your best to be open-minded: don’t make assumptions about his friends or their feelings towards you and always be yourself. Remember that there are pros and cons to bonding with his buddies.  Here are a few things to consider before introducing yourself:


1. Finding common ground with your man: It’s important to understand who your boyfriend was before he was your man. One of the best ways to do so is by bonding with his friends. Friendships often have a huge impact on people, and by growing closer to his friends, you‘re often able to deepen the love that you share for him. Plus, seeing you bond with his friends is sure to charm your beau even more.

2. Going on fun group dates or vacations: Having “couple friends” is a great way to strengthen your relationship, and the best way to meet couples is through your current group of friends. Sure, a date night or romantic getaway for two is great, but it’s nice to have a group of friends for an impromptu party or weekend trip. The more, the merrier, right?

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3. Expanding your inner circle: Thanks to your man’s friends, you may meet a new girlfriend or two. These new friendships will enrich your life as well as your romantic relationship. Knowing that he introduced you to some new fun people is bound to make your boyfriend feel good.


1. Acting like “one of the boys”:  Your interests most likely vary from your beau’s, but when you’re bonding with his male friends, you may start to act like one of the guys, making him see you differently. It’s great that you enjoy hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends, but make sure to give your man some time alone with them. Give him a chance to miss you!

2. Neglecting your girlfriends: Bonding with your boyfriend’s friends may keep you so busy that you forget about your girlfriends. Who are you going to call when the weekend rolls around and he decides to take a boys-only camping trip?  Sometimes it’s okay to do your own thing; having separate friends and interests will give you even more to talk about when you spend time together again.

3. Causing unnecessary drama: Your man may start to feel like you’d rather spend time with his BFF than with him; or, he may think that the two of you are moving forward with your friendship without him — even though he’s the reason you’re friends in the first place. Before you get too close to his buddies, check in with your boyfriend and make sure he’s okay with your new friendships.

When it comes to bonding with your man’s friends, what has your experience been like? Share it with our readers by commenting below.