Cupid's Pulse Article: Women Who Are the Breadwinners of Their Celebrity RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Women Who Are the Breadwinners of Their Celebrity Relationship

The ladies of Generation X were some of the first to trade the domesticity of the housewife for the slacks of Corporate America. Powerful and confident women are sexy, but society hasn’t completely caught up with us yet, and it’s still uncommon for a female salary to outweigh that of her spouse’s. That’s where Hollywood comes in with a good message for once, as stunning starlets are throwing off the national average by earning more than their celebrity loves. Below is a list of sexy female celebs empowering themselves through healthy relationships and hefty paychecks:

Women’s Upper Hand in Celebrity Relationships

1. Gisele Bundchen: Other than her svelte silhouette and pristine profile, Bundchen impresses with a net worth of $200 million. Her hunky husband Tom Brady is known for his jockey skills on the football field but is only worth $100 million. While both salaries are envy worthy, Bundchen makes far more than the man she shares her bed with. Regardless, this celebrity relationship is picture perfect, and Brady doesn’t look at all emasculated by his wife’s high salary.

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2. Jessica Simpson: We’ve watched Simpson transform from a young singer and clueless newlywed into a confident entrepreneur. With a net income of $100 million and a shoe line that wracks in over $500 million annually, she would be hard pressed to find a man wealthier than she. Fortunately, she’s has found happiness with ex-NFL player Eric Johnson. Though his salary hasn’t been reported, he is currently unemployed. Regardless of their paychecks, the two are expecting their first child this year, proving that money is not an issue with this celebrity relationship.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Whether you’re an Oprah devotee or totally impartial, there’s no denying this woman grabbed life by the reigns when she began her journalism career in the mid 1970’s. Forty years and one huge following later, Winfrey is worth a staggering $2.7 billion. Longtime partner Stedman Graham may not make as much, but he isn’t loafing off of Winfrey’s riches either. As CEO of S. Graham and Associates, Stedman has wracked in an impressive $10 million of his own.

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4. Julia Roberts: Roberts, America’s Pretty Woman, has a hefty income of $140 million. Her husband, however, Danny Moder, is a camera man. Though his salary has not been reported, it has long been known that Roberts is the money maker in the Moder home. Regardless, after ten years of being a married celebrity couple and having three children, the two have shown that true love trumps any jealously over income.

Actress Earns More Than Celebrity Love

5. Angelina Jolie: From dominatrix to domestic diva, Jolie is another star we’ve had the pleasure of watching grow up in front of our eyes. While her days of drinking blood have passed, she continues to make celebrity news by adopting children, working as a humanitarian and starting foundations to help combat poverty. Somehow, this busy mother and activist also has time to star in movies and grosses nearly $150 million. Her equally famous and good-hearted soon-to-be husband Brad Pitt makes only a little less than her at an annual salary of $130 million. These two aren’t sitting home comparing paychecks though. Instead, they combine their incomes to help better the world around them.

6. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Outside of partying, tanning and going to the gym, Snooki found her fame by starring on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Though her wild antics have made her somewhat infamous, she wasn’t downing tequila shots for nothing. At an annual salary of $2 million, the tiny beach bum can at least impress with her bank statements. Fiancé Jionni Lavalle chose a more modest lifestyle and is currently studying to become a teacher. While his salary may never match Polizzi’s, the two were able to work past the drama of the shore and are currently expecting a baby.

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