Cupid's Pulse Article: Oprah Winfrey Explains Why She Never Wanted to Raise ChildrenCupid's Pulse Article: Oprah Winfrey Explains Why She Never Wanted to Raise Children

By Brittany Stubbs

Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to be a mother. Oprah Winfrey revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she is content with the fact that her “eggs are dying on the shelf,” and she does not regret not having children of her own, says People. “If I had kids, my kids would hate me,” Winfrey explained to THR. “They would have ended up on the equivalent of the Oprah Show talking about me; because something [in my life] would have to suffer and it would’ve probably been them.” Although Winfrey gave birth to a baby at 14 who only lived for a number of weeks, the billionaire has found plenty of  success and happiness without raising children.

What are some ways to decide whether or not to have children with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having children is a huge responsibility and commitment. It’s important to make sure both you and your partner are ready:

1. Financially stable: Having a child is not only a huge time commitment, but it’s also a financial commitment. Are you both in positions where you can afford the safety and security of your child?

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2. Team players: Once you have a child, you will always be apart of each other’s lives. Part of good parenting comes from acting as a team. When it comes to methods of raising and disciplining, will the two of you be on the same page?

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3. Career ready: Often having a child puts your career on the back burner. Is this a good time for you to be having a child? Are you in a job that allows you to have flexibility and maternity-leave? Do you both have the time to commit to new life? Or is this a time the both of you need to be focusing on moving up in careers?

What are some ways you’ve determined if you should have children with your partner? Share your experiences below.