Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Advice: Five Unconventional Date Night IdeasCupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Advice: Five Unconventional Date Night Ideas

By A Bullseye View

The old dinner and a movie routine can get old fast.  This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to spice things up.  Whether you want to go out or stay in, these non-traditional activities are sure-fire fun:

Stay in and cook fresh pasta

There’s something about tackling a project like fresh pasta that’s really fun.  It’s special, delicious and only requires two ingredients (plus you, of course!).  To start, you’ll need all-purpose flour and eggs.  If you don’t have a pasta maker, you can roll dough out with a regular rolling pin and cut it with a knife.  With a little time and effort, you’ll have a fine-dining experience that you made from scratch, together.

Get glam and smile

In the age of digital cameras, unflattering Facebook shots and constant TwitPics, it can be hard to find a decent photo with your significant other.  So, why not get all gussied up and pose like a pro?  Hire a professional shutterbug or just ask a willing friend.

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Learn something together

Take a class — a cooking class, language class, kickboxing class, massage class — it doesn’t matter!  As long as it’s fun and a break from your daily routine, you’ll both learn something new and have fun while doing it.  Participating in the experience together is what’s important.

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Give a personalized gift

Flowers and sweets — although delicious — aren’t your only gift options.  Give your beau a special something that will keep you in their minds (and hands) all day long — a custom photo phone case.  CaseMate and Target give you the creative reigns on shatterproof, scratch resistant cases for iPhones, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Samsung.  Upload a cute snapshot of the two of you and start designing cases together.  Best part?  Their phone will stand out from the crowd and everyone will know they’re taken!


What’s the total opposite of an expensive night on the town?  Spending a few hours, or even a full day, volunteering at a local charity or organization.  Get those good vibes pumping by volunteering as a couple.  You’ll feel great about your partner and you can spread some of your love to others.