Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Fashion-Forward Friends Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Fashion-Forward Friends 

By Nicole Maher

Even when you’ve been friends with someone for a long time, it can be challenging to find the perfect holiday gift for them. This challenge is even greater when you gravitate toward a different fashion style than your friend, or simply do not have the same interest in fashion as they do. You may find yourself what is currently on-trend, and what will be forgotten about as we enter the New Year. If you’re struggling to decide on a present this holiday season, take a look at some of these fashion tips for selecting the perfect fashion-forward presents.

Check out these fashion tips for selecting the perfect holiday gift for your fashion-forward friend.

1. Layered jewelry: One of the easiest gifts to give a fashion-forward friend is an accessory, and jewelry is no exception. One of the largest jewelry trends at the moment is layered necklaces or rings, making this the perfect gift to give this holiday season. Determine if your friend is a fan of gold or silver jewelry, or if they like to mix metals, then gift them with a few pieces that they can add to their next outfit to take it to the next level. Many places offer layered jewelry in predetermined packages if you are unsure how to select different pieces, or as individuals if you want to make the gift more unique.

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2. Patterned booties: Booties are a trend that keep coming back every winter season. If your fashion-forward friend lives in a cooler climate, or is simply a fan of booties no matter the weather, gifting them with a new pair is a great option. While styles of booties may stay consistent over the years, patterns often change each season. Go for something super trendy by picking out a pair of animal print booties, or go for something more classic like a two-toned neutral pair. 

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3. Fashion subscription: It can be challenging to keep up with fashion trends, especially if it is something you are not particularly interested in yourself. If you’re not sure about the newest fashion trends, or your friend’s style is super eclectic, buying them a fashion subscription is a great option. You can either opt for a fashion magazine subscription that will keep your friend up-to-date on all the newest trends, or go for a clothing-box subscription which allows your friend to test out different kaszinó pieces without needing to keep them. 

4. Statement handbag: Handbags can be the perfect holiday gift because they don’t require you to know any specific sizes of your friend. Just like booties, handbags are a consistent outfit staple but go through pattern changes with each season. Quilted and embellished handbags were both large trends toward the end of 2020, making them great options for a winter-ready handbag. If you are looking for a more cost conscious gift, use this fashion tip to buy your friend a matching wallet to a bag they already own. Wallets are typically lower in cost, and by purchasing one in a pattern your friend already owns, they are sure to love it!

5. Trendy jacket: Jackets have become such a dominant fashion trend that they are now acceptable to be worn in nearly every climate. If your fashion-forward friend lives in a colder climate, or has a more cozy aesthetic, going for a teddy-coat is the best option. If your friend lives someplace that tends to be warmer, or likes sleeker silhouettes, faux leather jackets and trench coats are a nice on-trend option. 

What are some other fashion tips for selecting the perfect gift for your fashion-forward friend? Start a conversation in the comments below!