Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Dress Up Your SweatpantsCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Dress Up Your Sweatpants

By Nicole Maher

Sweatpants may have once been reserved for lounging around the house, but that is no longer the case. Whether you are looking to incorporate more comfort into your work wardrobe, or just trying to stay warm in the colder months, styling your sweatpants with the newest fashion tips is a great way to achieve your goal. By finding new ways to make your favorite pair of sweatpants look more professional, you will feel just as confident leaving the house in them as you would in a pair of regular pants. 

Check out these five fashion tips for making your sweatpants look more stylish.

1. Swap out the sneakers: One of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit while wearing sweatpants is to select fancier shoes. Try swapping out your sneakers for a pair of boots or heels to bring your outfit to the next level. This fashion tip works best when you are wearing sweatpants that are tighter around the ankles, such as joggers, so that everyone will be able to see the shoes you’ve selected. Pulling on a pair of boots or heels will keep you looking professional while still enjoying the warmth and comfort of sweatpants. 

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2. Make it monochrome: Matching the color of your shirt to the color of your sweatpants is a great way to make any outfit look streamline and cohesive. Wearing a black shirt with a pair of black sweatpants is a great way to pull together a simple outfit while still looking stylish. You can also use this fashion tip to make a larger statement by selecting a matching shirt and sweatpants set in a brighter color, such as pink or yellow. 

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3. Try a new pattern: Patterned pants are one of the most popular fashion trends at the movement, whether they are jeans, trousers, or sweatpants. Find a pattern that matches your personality, either a simple stripe or bright tie-dye, and plan the rest of your outfit around that piece of clothing. Match a pair of patterned sweatpants with a solid colored shirt and simple pair of shoes so that they’ll be the statement piece. This will draw attention to your sweatpants and let everyone know that you are wearing them on purpose, and you look great in them! 

4. Layer it up: One of the reasons you are wearing sweatpants is likely to stay warm, so why not incorporate that warmth into other aspects of your outfit? Pair your sweatpants with a longer coat and pair of tall boots to stay warm while looking stylish. To ensure that your outfit still highlights your figure, try finding a coat that is belted or ties at the waist. Wearing a longer coat and tall pair of boots is also a great way to hide the fact that you’re wearing sweatpants as so little of the fabric will be showing. 

5. Add some extra accessories: Adding accessories can make any outfit look more intentional and put together. While you may still be wearing sweatpants, throwing on a matching necklace and set of earrings will make your whole outfit look planned out to perfection. To make it look even more intentional, try selecting some accessories that directly compliment different aspects of your sweatpants. For example, if the drawstring hardware on your sweatpants is gold, add some gold jewelry or a gold accented handbag to pull the entire look together.

What are some other ways to dress up a pair of sweatpants? Start a conversation in the comments below!