Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Make Your Outfit Stand OutCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Make Your Outfit Stand Out

By Nicole Maher

Nothing in the world seems to change as quickly as fashion trends, and it can be hard to determine whose fashion tips to listen to. A style of clothing will be the hottest trend one season only to be forgotten about the next, then likely resurface a few years later. With the world of fashion changing so quickly, putting together outfits that stand out and feel unique to you can feel like a challenge. However, by adding a few go-to pieces to your wardrobe and developing your own sense of style, you will be ready to take on any trend the fashion industry throws your way. 

Check out these five fashion tips that will help you make your outfit stand out in any crowd.

1. Determine your aesthetic: The first step to creating outfits that stand out is to determine what style of clothing attracts you. With trends changing so quickly, it can be more difficult that it seems to develop a style that is unique to you. A great way to decipher what you like the best is to surf social media platforms. Creating a Pinterest board or Saved section on Instagram devoted to fashion can help you see to what colors and fits you are repeatedly attracted.

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2. Invest in a staple: One mistake that many people make when they are first developing their style and putting together outfits is believing that it is better to have more options. However, instead of buying multiples of the same type of clothing, it can be more beneficial in invest in fewer pieces that fit you better. Owning two or three pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly and one leather jacket that hits you in just the right place will make it much easier to put together amazing outfits than trying on multiple clothing items every morning.  

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3. Match your accessories: One of the quickest ways to elevate an outfit is to match your accessories. By matching the color of your purse, belt and shoes, you can make even the most basic t-shirt and jeans combo look like it took forever to put together! While having a few stable accessories in your closet is essential, it is just as important to have a few neutrals. Having a go-to purse and pair of shoes in colors such as black and white will help you tie together daily outfits in a breeze.

4. Don’t discount jewelry: Just like matching accessories, adding a few pieces of jewelry is a quick and simple way to make your outfit stand out. Whether you prefer to layer a few dainty necklaces or go for a statement piece, taking the extra minute to put on a few pieces of jewelry in the morning will make even your simplest outfits look planned out and put together.

5. Wear it with confidence: No matter how quickly fashion trends change, there is one thing that will always be in style, and that is confidence. Whether you are trying out a new bold color and switching up you everyday jeans for a dress, wearing it with confidence will help your outfit stand out even more. We often spend time worrying about what other people will think of what we’re wearing, especially if it something out of our own comfort zone. In reality, if we appear comfortable and confident in what we’re wearing, then no one will question us. If anything, they will wish they were wearing it, too!

What are some other ways to make your outfit stand out? Start a conversation in the comments below!