Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Wear Belts BetterCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Wear Belts Better

By Alycia Williams

Wearing a cool belt has been a fashion trend for a long time, but it’s never been as simple as just throwing on a belt and walking out the door. Wearing the right belt with the right outfit can take a so-so outfit to the next level. There are so many fashion tips to level up your outfits with the help of belts.

Here are some must-know fashion tips for wearing belts.

1. Slim belts: Slim belts can be used to spice up a variety of outfits. For instance, with a blazer, you can put a slim belt over it to give it a more chic look. Or, use as lim belt to fasten a loose fitting dress or shirt. That said, avoid putting on slim belts with jeans. Always remember loose fitting clothes are best, like skirts, dresses and shirts. The belt will help give the outfit structure.

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2. Chunky or statement belts: These are the belts with large buckles or with extra-large widths. They are harder to pull off fashion-wise and portray a bolder look. Statement belts can be worn to accessorize outfits like trench coats or blazers. These belts can also be used to create a boundary between a shirt and skirt outfit. Do not put on statement belts with small summer dresses or tight fitting shirts, as they drown out the rest of the outfit.

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3. Buckle belts: This is the most common type of belt. It is for both men and women and is easy to add to an outfit. Most people use these belts to fasten and hold up their trousers and they do a perfect job. When selecting a waist belt or buckle belt, always ensure the belt is a perfect fit for the trouser loops, and your outfits will look more planned and organized. Furthermore, ensure your buckle has an interesting design on it to make your outfit look sleeker.

4. Metal belts: These are typically worn with formal dresses or wedding gowns. Some metal belts are fastened with chains or are made of chains overall. Some are made of filigree silver/ gold or gold and silver plated metals. Try not to wear a metal belt with a casual outfit, as it’ll look out of place and uneven.

5. Cinch belt: A cinch belt is a tight fitting belt made of elastic / leather / stretchy fabric to encircle the waist tightly and make it look really small. This belt can give you an hourglass figure by thinning the waist. It is not worn inside the belt loops, but over it. Use this belt as the statement piece of your entire outfit, while keeping everything simple underneath. Don’t wear this belt with any kind of lumpy or baggy clothes. Leggings and a long shirt are perfect for the cinch belt.

6. Sash belt: A sash is a fabric / ribbon- worn with dresses and gowns as a belt. It is worn by draping it from one shoulder to the waist for ceremonial occasions, or around the waist as in the case of a sash belt. The tails of the sash belt are usually tied into a bow. This belt is strictly for formal outfits, its most typical use on a wedding dress.

7. Military belt: This refers to a nylon webbing strap belt used by military personnel, mostly in neutral colors like black, navy blue, brown or khaki. The strap is a heavy nylon webbing and the belt will have metal hardware like buckles or sturdy plastic buckles. This belt works best with a pair of jeans, especially boyfriend or mom jeans.

What are some other fashion tips when it comes to wearing belts? Start a conversation in the comments below!