Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Style an Outfit for Zoom MeetingsCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Style an Outfit for Zoom Meetings

By Nicole Maher

At this point, you may have gotten used to working from home and adjusted to the world of Zoom meetings. In the beginning of quarantine, the idea of completing your job while lounging on the couch in sweatpants sounded amazing. However, months have passed and you may feel yourself having the desire to get dressed up for work again. If you are looking to impress your coworkers next time you log-on to a Zoom meeting, try incorporating some of these fashion tips to style a perfect outfit. 

Check out these five fashion tips when putting together your next Zoom meeting outfit.

1. Patterned blouses: An easy way to catch attention in your next Zoom meeting is to wear a patterned blouse. Larger patterns work better than smaller patterns when visible on the computer screen, as smaller patterns may not focus as well or produce too much movement. Patterns that include contrasting colors are also a great option so that your blouse appears even more vivid to your fellow virtual meeting attendees. 

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2. Well-fitted clothes: When working from home, it can be tempting to remain in oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts all day. However, well-fitting clothes make for better outfits when attending Zoom meetings. The clothes you’re selecting don’t need to be tight or form-fitting, but consist of a good structure. Try using this fashion tip to incorporate some collared blouses or structured sweaters into your Zoom meeting attire and get ready to receive all the compliments from your coworkers. 

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3. Fun accessories: Accessories are the best way to elevate any outfit, whether in person or on Zoom. When attending your next Zoom meeting, focus on accessories for the upper half of your body, as that will most likely be more visible. Throwing on some layered necklaces and matching earrings is a great way to accessorize a Zoom-friendly look. Different hair clips and headbands are another fun way to draw attention to your outfit. 

4. Bright makeup: Doing your makeup for a Zoom meeting is another way to look put together and draw attention to your outfit. As the camera focus on computers isn’t always the highest resolution, bright and bold accents of makeup will translate better than subdued colors. Try going for a colorful eye look or deep-colored lip to grab everyone’ attention. Because Zoom meetings are often more casual than in-office meetings, focusing on one makeup accent should be enough!

5. Good lighting setup: A secret you may know from taking pictures is that lighting is everything! While you may have the perfect outfit on, poor lighting can cause it to translate poorly through the computer’s camera. Harsh overhead lighting or lighting from one side can cause awkward shadows on your face and outfit. For your next Zoom meeting, try positioning yourself in front of a window or tabletop lamp to ensure equal lighting across your screen and eliminate any strange shadows. 

What are some other ways to style outfits for Zoom meetings? Start a conversation in the comments below!