Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: On the RocksCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: On the Rocks

By Nicole Maher

On the Rocks is the newest comedy-drama movie directed by Sofia Coppola. The movie stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as a father-daughter duo on a quest to determine if the husband of Jones’ character, Laura, is cheating. While this may seem like a weird adventure to take with your father, Laura’s father has an extensive playboy past who has left him absent for most of her life, making him the perfect person to help uncover her husband’s player actions. As the two begin keeping taps on Laura’s husband, they grow closer and are given the opportunity to repair some of the damage in their relationship caused by Felix’s (Bill Murray) absence. 

Check out our movie review for On the Rocks, the perfect combination of comedy and drama.

Should you see it: If you are looking for a new take on family relationships, then On the Rocks may be just what you are looking for. The movie explores the complications of both parent-child relationships as well as marriage, but is sure to add plenty of comedy to get you laughing in between the drama. 

Who to take: On the Rocks is the perfect movie to watch with your best friends or partner. The movie has a lot of sarcastic humor and quick one-liners, so it is perfect to see with someone who you are ready to laugh with. 

Cupid’s Advice:

As Felix and Laura work to determine if Laura’s husband, Dean, is truly busy or if he is being unfaithful, Felix reveals many telltale signs of being a play-boy. While relying on suspicion rather than hard evidence is not the best way to determine if someone is being unfaithful, knowing some of the signs of a play-boy is a good way to hunt out red flags in a relationship. Cupid has some relationship advice on how to determine if your partner is remaining loyal or is actually a playboy: 

1. If they’re excited to see you: In the movie, we see Dean and Laura awkwardly greeting each other after Dean returns from a work trip. Whether it’s coming home at the end of a workday or returning after a week-long trip, your partner should be excited to see you. This does not mean that your partner needs to be all over you the second they come home, but if they are constantly returning without expressing how much they missed you, it may be a red flag.

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2. If they’re sticking to their travel plans: It’s common for someone to be concerned about the fidelity of their partner when they are forced to travel often. However, if your partner is following the travel plans they have told you, then there is likely no need to worry about them being faithful. The only time a red flag should be raised is if your partner has repeatedly been someplace different from where you expected they were going.

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3. If they’re willing to have a conversation: At the end of the day, the best way to go about suspicions of infidelity in a relationship is to have a conversation with your partner. If someone knows that they’ve been acting like a play-boy, then they will likely be more standoffish to the idea. However, if your partner has been remaining loyal and cares about the relationship, they will be willing to address your concerns and speak through them.

What are some other ways to determine if you someone is acting like a play-boy? Start a conversation in the comments below.

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