Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: A Rainy Day in New YorkCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: A Rainy Day in New York

By Nicole Maher

If you are looking to fall in love with your new favorite young couple, A Rainy Day in New York is the perfect movie for you. Gatsby Welles, played by Timothee Chalamet, is head-over-heels in love with his college girlfriend Ashleigh Enright, played by Elle Fanning, when she gets an offer to interview a famous film director in New York City. Gatsby sees this as the perfect opportunity to take a trip with his girlfriend and show her his hometown of New York. While the couple intends to spend the perfect weekend together, their plans are quickly derailed as Ashleigh gets caught up working with the director. During this time, the couple is forced to face new challenges such as kissing other girls and spending time with other men, and both begin to wonder if their relationship will survive. 

Check out our movie review of A Rainy Day in New York, the newest young love story with a vintage feel. 

Should you see it: If you are looking for the perfect mix of a vintage-inspired setting with all the twists and turns of modern love, A Rainy Day in New York is worth the viewing. The movie contains both elements of an old-timey New York City and elements of modern-day relationship challenges, making it unique and familiar at the same time. 

Who to take: A Rainy Day in New York is the perfect movie to see with your best friends. The movie will definitely have you and your friends relating to the challenges of young dating if you are experiencing them right now, or have lived through them in the past. 

Cupid’s Advice:

A Rainy Day in New York explores both the thrills and complications of having a serious relationship at a young age. While Gatsby Welles and Ashleigh Enright appear to be basking in their college romance at the beginning of the film, they are quickly presented with obstacles that bring into question the strength and duration of their relationship. With so many decisions being made in the transition between school and beginning a career, it can be difficult to determine if a relationship will survive. Cupid has some relationship advice on how to determine if your current relationship will carry into the next stage of your life: 

1. See if your career plans match: While you and your partner definitely don’t need to be working in the same field post-graduation, having careers with a similar structure can help the relationship survive. Challenges may arise if one of your careers requires you to work during the day while the other person is working nights, or if one person needs to travel often while the other must stay put. These obstacles can be overcome with a lot of communication and compromise, but they are definitely worth discussing as the two of you enter this new stage of your lives. 

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2. Talk about where you’ll be living: If you and your current partner attend the same college, then it’s likely that you spend a lot of time in the same town or on the same campus. However, you may find yourself looking to settle down in different places after graduation. Have a conversation with your partner about where they see themselves in the next few years. Determine if you are both looking for apartments in a city or houses in the country, along with what region of the country you want to live in. While relationships can survive distance for a period of time, the issue may come up again later if the two of you are looking to eventually move in together and can’t agree on where.

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3. Decide if you’re ready to settle down: One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself during this transition period is whether or not you are truly ready to settle down. Graduating college or simply moving someplace new comes with a variety of new opportunities, and it is important to decide if your current relationship is worth missing some of those opportunities. Have a conversation with your partner about where they see the relationship going in the future. If both of you are certain that you want to be together long-term, then get excited about taking on these new steps of life together!

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