Cupid's Pulse Article: 6 Travel Tips for Visiting Disney WorldCupid's Pulse Article: 6 Travel Tips for Visiting Disney World

By Nicole Maher

Whether you are going for the first time as a child, or returning later to enjoy the park as an adult, a trip to Disney World is always a great idea for a vacation. But, with the growing number of theme parks on-site and typically long lines, it can be hard to plan the perfect trip. By implementing some of the following travel tips and tricks, you will be able to make the most of your Disney trip and find yourself wanting to come back again. 

Check out these six travel tips for planning your perfect trip to Disney World.

1. Decide what time of the year: The first step in planning your Disney World vacation is to decide what time of year you want to go. While summer is often the most popular time because of the weather, it is also the busiest. The holiday season is also a popular option because of the different events Disney holds at this time, but can also be crowded. Fall and spring may offer smaller crowds, but there may be less extra events to partake in. 

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2. Pack for all kinds of weather: Even though Disney World is located in the warm state of Florida, it is important to pack for all kinds of weather conditions. It is likely that it will rain at least one day of the trip, so having compact, throw-away rain ponchos is a must. If you are traveling between the months of November and February, the weather is known to fluctuate a lot, so grabbing a sweatshirt and pair of long pants is a great travel tip to keep yourself prepared!

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3. Pick parks that fit your group: Different sections of the theme park offer different experiences, so it is important to visit areas that suit the age range of your group. Magic Kingdom is a great option for younger children as there are less rides that have a height requirement, and many of the popular Disney characters can be found there. Epcot is better for older crowds because there is a larger focus on restaurants and bars than on rollercoasters and characters. If your group is a mix of different ages, try exploring a different park each day to satisfy everyone. 

4. Use the hotel services to the fullest: The hotels located on the Disney World grounds offer many services, including wake-up calls from different Disney characters at the start of each day. The Bell Services at Disney hotels will hold your luggage if you need to check-in early or if you are leaving later in the day. Packages can be mailed to the hotels and held until you arrive, which can be a great way of avoiding bag check fees. The hotels also offer to pick up merchandise you purchased in the parks and bring it back to your room so you don’t have to carry it all day. 

5. Research restaurant options: If you’re visiting Disney World with someone who has diet restrictions or is simply a picky eater, it is a good idea to research different on-site restaurants before arriving. Certain restaurants at the park offer gluten-free or dairy-free options to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. There are different eating areas throughout the parks that offer free drink refills as well, and are the perfect places to stop and grab some water.

6. Plan, but don’t over plan: While it is important to prepare for your trip Disney World to make the most of your visit, there is no need to over plan. Theme parks can be unpredictable, and even after implementing the best travel advice and tips, there will likely be aspects of your trip that fall off the schedule. Be willing to allow for some flexibility on each day. If you miss out on an event because of a long line or bad weather, don’t worry about it. After all, it is just an excuse to come back again!

What are some other travel tips to make the most of your trip to Disney World? Start a conversation in the comments below!