Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Advice: The Best Games to Play on Road TripsCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Advice: The Best Games to Play on Road Trips

By Alycia Williams

Road trips have the potential to be really fun, but sometimes it can be a long, grueling, and silent ride. Making the most of a road trip is important, and the best way to to do it is with games. Avoid those silent moments with these travel tips on what games works best for road trips.

Here is some travel advice for the best games to play during a road trip.

1. The Alphabet game: In this classic road trip game that doesn’t require a board or game pieces, players attempt to find words starting with every letter of the alphabet, going in order from A to Z. To make this game more competitive, someone can pick a category like groceries/food, animals, places, or famous people, and the people in the car will take turns naming items from that category that begin with ascending letters from A to Z.

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2. 20 questions: One player thinks of a person, place, or thing. The others take turns asking yes-or-no questions; after each question, they get a guess about what/where/who it is. If they don’t solve it after 20 questions, they lose.

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3. Cows on my side: This simple kids’ road trip game is a lot of fun for families driving through the countryside. When you see cows on your side of the road, yell “Cows on my side!” You get a point for each time you call a group of cows. If you spot cows on the opposite side, you can yell “Cows on your side!” and steal a point from your opponent. Passing a cemetery? The first person to yell “Ghost cow!” steals all the other side’s points.

4. What am I counting?: In this guessing game one person starts counting something out loud as they see it… but they don’t tell anyone what they are counting. The rest of the players have to figure out what they are counting.

5. Hum that tune: One player starts the game by humming a well-known song. The first person to guess the tune correctly gets to be the next “hummer.” It sounds super simple, but it’s often trickier than it seems!

6. Six degrees of movie fun: To begin this one, one family member names any actor. The next person names a movie the actor was in. The following person names someone else in that movie that hasn’t already been said, and so on going back and forth between movie titles and actors until someone is unable to answer.

7. Going on a picnic: This is a story memory game where someone says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring….” and then lists an item. The next person begins I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring….” and must list the first person’s item before adding their own item. The list grows and grows and the first person to not be able to correctly list all the items is the loser.

What are some other games to play on a road trip? Start a conversation in the comments below!