Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 7 Tips to Make You Look SlimmerCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 7 Tips to Make You Look Slimmer

By Alycia Williams

Finding chic and slimming styles can difficult. The slimmer look always has an elegant feel to it and it gives anyone a flattering silhouette, but if not done correctly then you can do the opposite and end looking bigger than you actually are. It’s time for some fashion tips to keep us looking slim.

Here are some must know fashion tips to looking slimmer.

1. Wear dark colors: Darker colors instantly draw in attention to all the right areas and it just draws your silhouette in. Embrace your little black dresses, black tops and jeans for that sliming outcome.

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2. Wear waist belts: This will save you if you’re wearing loose dresses that can make your figure disappear, by giving your waistline more definition. Get the medium sized or larger belts because the tiny ones won’t really give you the slimming effect you’re going for.

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3. Wear vertical stripes: Horizontal stripes widen the body and you should probably avoid them if you want to look more well put together. The lines guide the eyes vertically rather than horizontally which is exactly what makes you look toned.

4. Get fitted clothes: This doesn’t mean that you should wear very tight things because that also does the opposite of what you want here. The trick is to fill your wardrobe with items that are the correct size for you.

5. High waisted pants: High waists usually look better than any other type of trousers. Those that ride awkwardly along the waistline draw in attention in the wrong way. The beauty of high-waisted jeans is that they tuck in the tummy and define your figure immediately.

6. Wear heels: Heels were designed to elongate the legs which is an important part of creating that slimming, chic look. Those that work best are pointed toe heels and nude heels. Whatever style of heel you like, add a variety that are within these two categories and you’ll never go wrong.

7. Choose smaller patterns: Small patterns are more subtle and they don’t enlarge things like the bigger, bolder patterns. They don’t overpower your body and that also does a lot to narrow things down.

What are some other fashion tips to keep us looking slim? Start a conversation in the comments below!