Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: What’s the Deal with Seaweed?Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: What’s the Deal with Seaweed?

By Alycia Williams

Seaweed is the next big thing when it comes to the latest food trends. It’s becoming a must have for every household. As the seaweed trend grows, it’s about time you know why seaweed could be beneficial for you.

In this food trend, find out the benefits for eating seaweed.

1. Seaweed is packed with umami: Seaweed contains a lot of flavor. The secret is behind all that is that it has a high level of glutamic acid, which is in the flavor enhancer MSG, and it’s found in a natural form in almost all sea vegetables.

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2. The most nutrient dense food on the planet: With iodine that promotes a healthy functioning thyroid, soluble fiber, calcium, omega 3s, anti-oxidants, and a host of other minerals and vitamins. The demand for healthy foods have entered the mainstream and seaweed is riding this trend.

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3. Great source of complete proteins: The plant-based protein movement is experiencing explosive growth due to increasing consumer awareness of health with anywhere from 3-50% of complete proteins depending on the varietal.

4. Extremely low-impact food on the planet: It requires no fresh water, no fertilizer, no feed, and no pesticides.  It also absorbs about 7 times more CO2 than any land-based plant and studies have shown it reduces ocean acidification.

5. Good for your heart: Many people do not realize how essential seaweed is in keeping the heart-healthy. A single serving of Seaweed every day will help with staving off heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular illnesses. This is due to vitamin B9 and folate found in this amazing water-based plant. It all comes down to an amino acid called homocysteine.

6. Source of protective antioxidants: Even just a small amount of seaweed eaten on a daily basis will give you a wealth of health benefits. Just two tablespoons of seaweed are enough to fulfill nearly a quarter of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C as well as vitamin A. These vitamins are powerful antioxidants that assist the body in fighting off disease and infection.

7. Supports oral health: There are many ways to help strengthen your teeth and improve your oral health. The best way is to consume drinks and food with low acidity like seaweed. It also contains a substance proven to kill oral bacteria.

What are some other benefits for eating seaweed? Start a conversation in the comments below!