Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 5 Ways Mask Fashion Can Elevate Your LookCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 5 Ways Mask Fashion Can Elevate Your Look

By Diana Iscenko

It looks like cloth face masks are here to stay! The CDC recommends everyone to wear a face covering while out in public, while several states are now mandating this. While masks aren’t a fashion statement, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear cute ones that match your outfit each day. Having fun styling your face mask can elevate any look. If you need fashion advice that works with your mask, Cupid has some tips for you.

No matter what your personal style is like, here are five simple fashion tips to help you incorporate a face mask into any outfit:

1. Embrace Basics

Everyone should have neutral-colored face masks! If you only own a couple, your first purchase should be either a black or a white mask. These masks will tie together any outfit. Remember, you don’t want your mask to overpower the rest of your look.

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2. Make Your Own Matching Set

While some brands are making face masks to match other articles of clothing, you can make your own matching set by buying a mask that matches an outfit you already have. Patterns might be harder to match, so try buying a mask the same color as your favorite shirt!

3. Make Your Mask a Statement

Think of your face mask as an accessory. If you’re wearing a more neutral outfit, your mask can bring your look to life with a bright color or a fun pattern. Remember to keep other accessories, like jewelry and handbags, more minimal if the mask is your pop of color.

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4. Emphasize Your Eyes

A mask covers the lower half of your face, so bring the attention to your eyes! Go a winged liner or a colorful eyeshadow look. Don’t forget mascara and brow gel to finish off your stunning eye makeup.

5. Minimize Face Makeup

Even if you’re the type of person who always wears a full face of makeup, consider toning down the makeup on the lower half of your face. Foundation and lipstick can get all over your mask, meaning you’ll have to wash it even more. It can also clog your pores and lead to under-the-mask acne.

How do you incorporate a mask into your outfit? Start a conversation in the comments below!