Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends for 2020Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends for 2020

By Ahjané Forbes 

As we change our calendars over to the new year, we have to remember that our closet has to do so as well. There are some fashion trends that will still be the same in 2020. However, the new decade often times sparks a new wardrobe. Cupid has some fashion advice on what outfits, shoes, and fun accessories you can bring into the new year.

Here are five fashion trends that are making a comeback for 2020:

1. Party like it’s 1999: From the denim, turtlenecks, animal print, and polka dots, to matching sets, these styles don’t seem to be going anywhere in 2020! At any point of the year, you can wear your favorite jeans with a matching top to go with it. This outfit idea can be complemented with sneakers, boots, and heels depending on the occasion. For the fall and winter, turtlenecks are a professional look you can pair with a good blazer. Embrace you inner safari with animals prints, like zebra and cheetah. Don’t forget your bra top and pants, because it’s all about plaid when you rock these matching suits. Remember to finish off your looks with some dark shades.

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2. Make everything bright: Neon colors are making a comeback in this decade. Try a bright green shirt or sweater and wear it with jeans or pants. Don’t be afraid to explore what colors you would like to wear. Get a color that goes well with your skin tone.

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3. Look good in that onesie: Try to wear a simple outfit like a romper or jumpsuit. This trendy style will make it easier for you to pick something to wear. Jumpsuits and rompers come in short and long styles and can be worn in any weather. For the summer, remember your flip-flops and sandals. When it’s cold outside, take out those boots.

4. Wear a little leather: With this trendy material, can can do whatever you like, whether it’s wearing a leather jacket, pants, or purse to pull this outfit together. Try to make the leather stand out. If you’re going to wear a leather jacket, put a shirt under it that will bring it out. If it’s black, wear something simple like a white shirt. Although wearing a leather jacket in the summer would be too warm, you can always get a fanny pack to complement those daisy dukes.

4. Don’t forget the “exercise”: Although you might not be doing this after your New Year’s resolution, it’s always cute to rock a sweatsuit. Adidas, Nike, Pink, Tommy Hilfiger, and Victoria Secret all have some fun sports attire you can wear in any season. This set is good for just a casual day. Many people like to wear this outfit with heels; however, it’s better to stay comfy in a nice pair of running shoes.

What other fashion trends you think are coming back in 2020? Share your ideas in the comments below!