Cupid's Pulse Article: Health Advice: Diet Tips for Boosting Your ImmunityCupid's Pulse Article: Health Advice: Diet Tips for Boosting Your Immunity

By Alycia Williams

Boosting your immunity is crucial during these times, especially in light of the pandemic. You want to have the best immune system you can possibly have, and the only way you’ll be able to do that is by getting some health advice. We have some health tips for building your immune system.

Here is some health advice when in comes to eating the right foods to strengthen your immune system.

1. Colorful fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are the go-to for building your immune system. They contain all the essential vitamins that will give a boost to your immune system and help keep diseases at bay.

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2. Carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes: These foods contain good compounds that help in cell proliferation, or rapid growth of new cells in the body. This is a key component of immune system’s health and thus these foods are important.

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3. Vitamin C-rich foods: Vitamin C is very beneficial in the quest to keep the immune system functional and healthy. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons can help with inflammation and prevent infections from occurring in the body.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids: These good fats are found in nuts and seeds such as flax or chia seeds. They help build a good and healthy immune system, according to research.

5. Probiotics and fermented food:  These foods are loaded with good bacteria which help in maintaining a healthy gut. The gut is where 70% of our immune system is housed, which is why probiotics such as yogurt or kombucha can be a wonderful addition to the diet.

6. Limit added sugars: Emerging research suggests that added sugars and refined carbs may contribute disproportionately to overweight and obesity. Obesity may likewise increase your risk of getting sick.

7. Stay hydrated: Hydration doesn’t directly protect you from germs and viruses, but preventing dehydration is important to your overall health. Dehydration can cause headaches and hinder your physical performance, focus, mood, digestion, and heart and kidney function. These complications can increase your susceptibility to illness.

What are some more health advice for boasting your immune system? Start a conversation in the comments below!