Cupid's Pulse Article: Health Trend: Intuitive EatingCupid's Pulse Article: Health Trend: Intuitive Eating

By Katie Sotack

As sure as Taylor Swift‘s albums win Grammys, health trends come and go. This time an all the rage celebrity diet might be reasonable enough to stay: intuitive eating. Models like Steph Claire Smith and Gemma Atkinson have embraced a balance, mindful way of consuming food. Rather than counting calories or suffering through another juice cleanse they trust their guts. The premise of intuitive eating is resetting your mind’s ideas around food. Your body dictates when you’re hungry, full, and satisfied. It’s nature’s way of letting us know what and when to eat.

The latest health trend indulges your food instincts, but what are the benefits to intuitive eating?

Resetting your body’s natural instinct for food is not a task for the light of heart. No diet comes without its fair share of trials and tribulations. So what makes intuitive eating worth the effort with this food tip? Here is health advice for this way of life:

1. It is natural: Letting yourself live in the moment is far less stressful than weighing out each food choice and counting calories for every snack. If you’re hungry, eat: it’s that simple. There’s no wrong way to embrace this lifestyle because our bodies have a built-in system for managing food. They know when and how much will satisfy us. All it takes is listening to your gut.

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2. It is a lifestyle: There’s a reluctance to call intuitive eating a diet. That’s because years of bombardment from the diet industry teaching us to feel bad about the way we consume food have brought about a negative connotation to the term. Intuitive eating, on the other hand, is much more lifestyle based. Rather than following a set of rules and equations, food is seen as the nutrients you need to function. Eat as much or as little as your body desires.

3. It puts the fun back in food: Similarly to the reason it’s a lifestyle and not a diet, intuitive eating is meant to be a joyful experience. If you’re craving chocolate, you may eat chocolate until you’re satisfied. The lack of strict limitations lets the consumer feast, guilt-free, on their favorite foods.

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4. It is a responsibility: While all this food freedom may sound like a kitchen frenzy, intuitive eating is still a responsibility. The eater is in charge of what they consume and when they eat, meaning they must take listening to their body seriously. If not in touch with their gut, they run the risk of ignoring signals and not seeing positive results from this means of consuming food.

5. It restores your peace of mind: Your relationship with food is in need of a breakup. With so many messages about how we should be eating and how what on our plate is going to kill us, the diet world can seem impossible to navigate. Restore your peace of mind by listening to your body’s natural desires and needs. Intuitive eating allows for a mindful experience, that creates peaceful feelings around food and fitness. After all, everybody is different and only yours can tell you what’s right for it.

How do you listen to your body when eating? Share in the comments below!