Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Oat MilkCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Oat Milk

By Diana Iscenko

Vegan-friendly alternatives have become super popular in the food world over the past decade. In terms of the health trend that is alternative foods, nothing else has risen to fame quite like oat milk. A study by the Specialty Coffee Association found that the popularity of oat milk has increased by 425% in the last year alone. The lactose-free, nut-free super milk is becoming a common alternative to dairy milk, joining almond milk and soy milk on supermarket shelves across the country.

Whether you’d opt for oat milk in your latte or you’re thinking about making a shift to only oat milk in your house, there’s plenty of room for you on the oat milk bandwagon. Here are four reasons why you should ditch your dairy milk and hop on this food trend:

1. It works with most diets.

Some people turn to dairy-free milk due to allergies and other dietary restrictions. Oat milk is free from lactose, nuts, soy and gluten, which are some of the most common allergens. Most other dairy-free milks only focus on removing lactose, but still have other allergens (We’re looking at you, almond milk and soy milk!). It’s also free from any animal products, so it’s perfect for vegans, too.

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2. It’s environmentally friendly.

For some, switching to a dairy-free milk is due to its impact on the environment. Oat milk uses very little water to produce, making it the least impactful non-dairy milk on the market. According to a 2018 study, dairy farming uses 628 liters of water to produce one liter of milk. Oat milk only needs 48 liters of water.

3. It’s great with coffee

Oat milk’s claim to fame is partly due to its popularity with baristas. Oat milk steams really well and gives your drink an extra creaminess that other dairy-free milks don’t. Many coffee shops offer the alternative now. Plus, coffee creamers and bottled coffees made with oat milk have started to hit grocery store shelves.

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4. Most importantly, it tastes like milk.

The best news is that oat milk tastes pretty much like dairy milk. Many other milk alternatives taste vaguely like its main ingredient (i.e. almonds). They can also have different textures, making them either too thick or too watery. Oat milk is pretty neutral-tasting, which makes it great for those who drink milk by itself.

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