Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Current Trends That Need to Die AlreadyCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: Current Trends That Need to Die Already

By Alycia Williams

When it comes fashion, nothing is a sure thing. Fashion trends come and go, but some fashion trends stay a little longer than needed. Fashion tips are well needed so you can get rid of those old fashion trends.

There are so many fashion trends that need to die already. Here are some fashion tips.

1. The sneaker wedge: This trend started in 2012 and unfortunately still is around to this day. Almost every high street brand spawned their own knockoff version of this shoe. Although this shoe was extremely popular when it first came out, it’s time to let this this trend fizzle out.

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2. Dad sneakers: Yes, they’re comfy and make you feel like you’re walking on air. These sneakers don’t complete any outfit unless intended for running. They’re called dad sneakers for a reason, they’re not meant to be worn on with your best outfit. Keep them for your morning runs and that’s all.

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3. Super distressed jeans: This is ripped jeans to the next level. The occasional ripped jean is fine, but overly ripped distressed jeans is just too much, why not just wear shorts?

4. Puff sleeves or power shoulders: This 80’s fashion trend should be left in the 80’s. It doesn’t work for any situation or outfit. It recently tried to make a comeback, but we should keep the puffy shoulders where they belong forties years ago, in the 80’s.

5. Mullet skirts: party in the front, business in the back is what the mullet is known for and unfortunately this skirt has the same motto. This skirt doesn’t work for party or business and it has outstayed its welcome.

6. Fast food fashion: We love burgers and fries, but Moschino took it to another level. McDonald’s based dresses or shirts is a trend that needs to die.

7. Leggings as pants: If you’re going for a run or going to the gym, you get a pass, but anyone else needs to stop. Athletic leggings are thick enough to be worn as pants, but dress leggings are almost completely see through and not meant to be worn as pants. Unless you’re going to wear those leggings with a skirt, throw them out.

What are some other fashion trends that need to die? Start a conversation on the comments below!