Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tip: Out With the Outdated & In With the NewCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tip: Out With the Outdated & In With the New

By Katie Sotack

Spring is heading out just as quickly as it came in with summer just around the corner. As the heat rises, we are set to shed our cool temperature clothes and the fashion trends that inspired them. So, send your outdated wardrobe to the thrift store, and pick up that credit card. It’s time to splurge on a new trendy summer wardrobe.

This summer calls for fashion swap outs. If you want to get your groove back with these funky trends, here are some fashion tips for stocking your closet.

Summer style this year is based off of recent decades and exciting colors. Think 90s cuts with 60s accessories and color palette. Here are some ways to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe:

1. Straight legged jeans: in recent years the style has been all about the skinny pant, but dig out your comfy boyfriend jeans because roomy jeans are all the rage. Not only will you look super trendy in the 90s boy band bottoms but you won’t be afraid to treat yourself to an ice cream cone with that new wiggle room.

2. Oversized sunnies: Dig out those Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. Huge, geometric shapes are meant to sit on the bridge on your nose this summer with the added benefit of more sun protection.

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3. One-shoulder tanks: Hide that weird tan line with a one shoulder top. The asymmetric style will give a flare of fashion to any bottoms or accessories. It’s the one stop statement piece.

4. The stylin’ suit: Switch out the string bikini for something spunky. Bathing suits with a sense of personality are hot for the summer heat. Go for ruffles to flourish your inner girly girl or if you’re a rocker pick out a suit with studs.

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5. When in doubt, full color out: Whatever you choose to wear this season, bold colors will keep the outfit on trend. Think Miami colors and patterns. Anything that makes you appear to have harvested the sunshine just for your ‘fit.

Which fashion trends are you excited to implement in your wardrobe? Which ones are you praying end soon? Share in the comments below!