Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: What Your Watch Says About YouCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: What Your Watch Says About You

By Hope Ankney

Believe it or not, a lot of things can be said about you only by the brand and type of wristwatch you possess. Interestingly enough, all wristwatch wearers select watches that fit their personalities, careers, and even hobbies. In this article, we shall be taking a look into specific messages that align with the type of watch you are wearing.

In this fashion advice, learn how to be a better judge of character by just looking at the kind of watch someone is

1. You are victorious and powerful: Of course, you can be successful through any means, but did you know that the type of watch you wear can instantly let others know you’re successful as well? If you’re looking for a new watch that can make you feel confident and powerful, look no further than renowned brand Rolex. If you are conservative, outgoing or otherwise, there is a Rolex watch for you.¬†And today, you can get a Rolex Day Date watch in different versions as fast as you wish.

2. You are glamorous: The next watch type is for anyone who loves the glitz and glam. Of course, not everything that glitters is gold; but it’s still nice to savor such pieces. When matched up with the right clothing, they look fantastic. As mentioned above, these pieces are loved by people in the limelight. Such as actors, musicians, and other media personalities. These pieces may be made of real gems like gold, rubies or diamonds among others. Be careful though, because some are counterfeits! So, one must only buy from certified dealers to get the real authentic watches.

3. You are adventurous and active: Watches that fit people who are into adventure and fitness are mostly made of plastic, are
waterproof and may be digitized. Most fitness junkies always want to know how many steps they walked that day or the calories they burned, and that is where the digitization comes in. Through the systems in the watch, they can easily calibrate their exercise through movement the entire day even as they go about their other duties. These watches (mostly deemed smart), are incorporated into phones and can be accessed through them. Additionally, they have alarms set to them, and one can even pick up calls or send texts through the watch!¬† An active person who is always on the move loves having these pieces as they are very convenient even when they aren’t near their cell phones.

4. You are contemporary, and theme led: Another loved set of watches is the ancient and classical timepieces that exude sophistication to the highest degree. In the same category, there exist some people who do like old pieces in numerical numbers, colorful themes, and artiste pieces. Children are also featured in this personality group! For instance, you will find kids particularly drawn to pieces with cartoons such as Elsa or Spiderman on them. This is the crowd that is into contemporary themes that apply to them and give them joy. And one look at their timepiece will provide you with the very idea of what makes them tick.

Wearing a watch is a great fashion statement, but as we have seen, it goes beyond just that. Your watch can, for sure, speak volumes about who you are.