Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Shed Holiday Weight After the New YearCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: How to Shed Holiday Weight After the New Year

By Ahjané Forbes

As we welcome the new year, we plan to draft our resolutions. The majority of our new commitments will be to lose weight. Sometimes, this process can be tricky and may not always go as planned. However, it is important to make mistakes and learn from them to make a healthier you!

What are some fitness tips to help ring in the new year?

Attempting to lose weight can be hard, especially if you’re trying to do it around the holiday season. Make sure that this is something that you want to do, and you’re not just succumbing to pressure from others. Avoid losing weight for a better body image, and focus on the health benefits. Here are some fitness advice on how to get through one of the most difficult resolutions:

1. Create a realistic goal: Don’t make a New Year’s resolution stating that you’re going to lose 30 pounds by Easter. That’ll only put more pressure on yourself. Think of short term goals like walking 10,000 steps per week. If you’re on your feet a lot, this will be easily obtainable. Be honest with yourself. If you know you definitely don’t want to try a new sport or sign up for that Zumba class, then don’t do it. Find something that you will enjoy doing. Losing weight with a group of friends will give motivation as well.

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2. Slowly eliminate your guilty pleasures: It will not be easy to stop eating candy, chocolate, fast food, unhealthy snacks, and drinking soda. Start small. If you’re used to buying a 24 pack of soda, then lower your consumption to a 12 pack. Let’s say you eat two bars of chocolate every day. Begin by only eating one per day. This will help you to curb your habit and begin to see your weight change.

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3. Ease your way into the gym: As soon as the ball drops, don’t just head to the gym. Create a workout plan that will benefit you. For example, if you know you cannot run a mile, start off by only walking one fourth of it. Also, it is okay to not go to the gym. You can do most exercises within the comfort of your own home. A lot of trainers have online videos that you can watch and do in your living room. Do something simple like stretches or yoga, and heighten your intensity level from there.

4. Just dance: A lot of people forget that dancing is a good form of exercise. You can go to classes that are geared toward losing weight and having fun. Many of the group members are making their way through this just like you. It will be easier to build a connection with them and learn for their experiences.

5. Keep a positive mindset: If you keep thinking that you’re not going to lose enough weight by a certain time, then you will not actually do so. Even if you lose one pound in one month, try to celebrate that. It’s all about progress. Learn to understand your body. Be proud of what you are doing even if the process might take a long time. Move at your own pace.

6. Reward yourself: Now we know we mentioned you should slowly eliminate your guilty pleasures, but sometimes we all need a little cheat day. If you’re on a diet, take one day out of each month where you eat until your heart’s content. Keep the date you set consistent. If you start on January 15th, make sure that on that day every month you fully indulge. This will actually give you something to look forward to each month and you’ll start to feel good about yourself. Remember, you still have to get across the finish line. So, always remember to stick to your diet and drink plenty of water, and you’ll definitely get through this year’s New Year’s resolution a winner!

How do you plan on losing weight this year? Share your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below!