Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Jon Gosselin Says Kate Gosselin is ‘Warped’ By FameCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Jon Gosselin Says Kate Gosselin is ‘Warped’ By Fame

By Hope Ankney

In the latest celebrity news, Jon Gosselin has stated he thinks celebrity ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, has changed for the worse after the couple’s fame skyrocketed from Jon and Kate Plus 8. According to, Jon expressed his concerns on an upcoming episode of Dr. Oz. Preview clips of the interview feature him stating, “I believe that her belief system is skewed. I believe her intentions, in the beginning, were good intentions. Bringing kids into the world that she fought to have, these kids. But I think once fame and money got involved, it twisted her belief system. On my end, I’ve been fighting to get my kids off TV forever.”

These celebrity exes are still taking digs at each other. What are some ways to keep negativity about your ex out of your life?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, when it comes to exes, it’s hard to stay on friendly terms. The split is messy. The friend circle is too small. The wounds aren’t easy to heal. If you’re struggling with keeping yourself out of the drama with an ex, don’t worry. Cupid has some relationship advice to help you keep their negativity out of your life:

1. Give a disclaimer to friends: If you and your ex share a friend group, make sure you have a conversation with the friends about how you feel. If you tell them that you’d rather not hear anything about your ex, they’ll more than likely accommodate your request than if you didn’t communicate with them beforehand. It also keeps the peace between the friend circle.

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2. Unfollow them on social media: Negativity seems to follow exes who stalk each other on social media. If you really want to distance yourself from the drama and pessimism that is triggered by an ex, unfollow them or even block them on your social sites. This helps you not be tempted to check their page and sour your mood.

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3. Don’t fan the fire: Most times when an ex is causing negativity in your life, they’re expecting a reaction. Ignoring someone might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but it is important to not allow yourself to give in and snap back. This only causes more drama and makes your ex susceptible to acting out again.

How do you keep the negativity about an ex out of your life? Let us know down below!