Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Giudice Reunites with Teresa’s Dad in Italy Amid Split RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Giudice Reunites with Teresa’s Dad in Italy Amid Split Rumors

By Hope Ankney

In the latest celebrity news, Joe Giudice was spotted reuniting with Teresa’s dad in Italy amid the celebrity couple’s breakup rumors. According to, Giudice posted new photos on his Instagram account of him in Italy where he is spending quality time with his father-in-law. He even posed for a selfie with Teresa’s dad on his Instagram story before tagging her account in it.

In celebrity news, Joe Giudice is showing good faith by meeting up with Teresa’s family. What are some ways involving your family can help save your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Families are such an integral part of a relationship. Getting to know your partner’s parents is a big step in taking a relationship to the next level. And, when you and your partner are on the rocks, they can also be a very helpful outlet to combatting these issues and keeping your bond from crumbling. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to save your relationship, don’t fret! Cupid has some love advice on how involving your family can actually be a useful asset during these trying times:

1. New perspectives: If you’re speaking to your in-laws, know that they know your partner better than you ever will. Being open and honest with them about your relationship will give them a chance to hand you new perspectives on the situation. They can provide anecdotes of how your significant other reacts towards certain behaviors while also offering wise advice for keeping your relationship alive.

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2. Tough-love: Families are good at many things, but one of their best skills is to give you tough love when you need it. Most times your family won’t sugarcoat anything for you, and if you come to them for relationship advice, they won’t hesitate to be as blunt and honest as possible. If you’ve messed up, they’ll let you know, and if you’re being stubborn, they’ll call you out on it. Trust families to not take your feelings into consideration because, sometimes, being direct about relationship issues can actually help you resolve them.

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3. Safe space: Remember all those times you were homesick, and you wanted nothing more than to travel home and sleep in your childhood bedroom? A lot of times, having relationship blues can actually trigger a feeling of homesickness. Don’t shrug it off. Lean into it, and visit your family. Taking time to yourself to go back to a place that you consider a safe space can give you an opportunity to decompress. Relax, unwind, and distract yourself for a few days. This can do wonders by looking at your relationship troubles with a fresh perspective.

How has involving your family helped save your relationship? Sound off down below!