Cupid's Pulse Article: Holiday Fashion Trends 2019Cupid's Pulse Article: Holiday Fashion Trends 2019

By Hope Ankney

We’ve officially made it to the Holiday season! And, of course, with the Holiday season comes colder weather, hotter drinks, lots of tinsel, and a different level of fashion. Besides the copious number of scarves that seem to never go out of style, fashion trends come and go during this time of year. With office work parties, family get-togethers, and seasonally themed events with friends dominating your social life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what to wear as the holidays approach. 2019 fashion tips look to lean heavily on the traditional pantsuit and even more rambunctious dresses. So, if you’re scrambling for new ideas to fit into your wardrobe, now’s the time to make a statement.

2019 holiday fashion trends land between conservative and liberal. Spice up your seasonal wardrobe with these stylish ideas.

From Pinterest to Instagram, to even Vogue, everyone has their own take on the new holiday fashion trends this year. It cycles through bold and wacky to more reserved and traditional, but the sweet spot is being able to fluctuate between the two. This season is all about embracing the two contrasting versions of yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get trapped into one box regarding your wardrobe, because there’s so much to choose from. If you’re scrambling on where to start for holiday fashion, fortunately, Cupid has some fashion advice on some of the hottest trends that will be dominating the clothing racks this season:

1. Pantsuits: One of the options that have seemed to be more conservative in the past has flourished recently. With more and more people embracing the duality of pantsuits, it’s no wonder they’re on the top of the list for 2019 Holiday fashion trends. If you’re wanting to show off your zany and eccentric side, especially at an office party, find a unique colored suit, or even one with a print, to stand out wherever you go. With the tailored fit and business casual style, there’s nothing that can bring this wardrobe-must down.

2. Bucket hats: Believe it or not, bucket hats are still trending into the winter season this year. But it isn’t for street-wear. Dress up the bucket hat by getting festive colors and wearing them with a little black dress, head-to-toe lace, or even a trench coat. It’ll make the casual head-wear into something a little chicer.

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3. Bold, flat colors: If there’s one thing that stands out this year in fashion, it’s the minimalistic designs of bold colors that are taking over. Best worn as a dress, this trend involves wearing only one color. Styling a strictly red or yellow dress won’t just make you stand out at a holiday party, but it will attract everybody’s attention in the room.

4. Jumpsuits: There’s nothing more comfortable or exciting than wearing a jumpsuit. You zip up one article of clothing and you’re on your way! Watch out for holiday-colored and printed suits as you get ready for winter fashion. They’re a rare piece to rock, but if you take the risk, you’ll be the most fashionable and conveniently comfortable person wherever you go. Besides, they’re excellent at keeping you warm!

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What are some of your favorite fashion trends this Holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!